Some powerful words out of Greg Williams - A JC Production, so you know it's gonna be good

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    Anyone see the interview Greg Williams just had released, if not here's the link

    The following are some quotes made by Williams that I found interesting:
    • "Jerry Gray is the best secondary coach Ive ever been involved with".
    • "Its been great for me to see just how good a head coach Mike Munchak is".
    • Every stop Ive made Ive changed what we do defensively from the schematics standpoint, not on what I like to call, but what they can play, and Jerry's the same way about that".
    Whoa, [​IMG] Greg, are you telling me that Jerry molded last years defense around what our guys do well? I call bull shlt on that. It took Jerry Gray half a season to send our LB's on blitzes. Jerry played scared almost all of last year, if thats how he operates, no thank you, but I guess thats what youre here for Greg.

    Other important things I took from this was:
    Munchak has handed off a lot of the defensive stuff to Greg Williams, they're hoping the extra time Munchak has can be focused on improving the O-Line. Makes sense right.. Having Williams in house has raised the standard that was bound to change regardless, but Williams feels like this is a good team, it doesn't feel like anything different than what he's used to he said, so the talk we hear of a culture change isn't there at this point, guys are clicking and looking like a winning bunch.

    Williams presence has now allowed Gray and Munchak to coach, last year they had to manage disastrous situations too often and weren't able to just "coach guys".

    I mean it is still way early to tell how good or bad we really are, but it's refreshing to hear the word "fun" used by Williams about 56-hundred times. Whats that saying, when youre having fun, time flies? Well when you're having fun you're also not thinking so much, which in sports is the goal, make what you're doing second nature and just go out there and play football.

    Also when Tommie Campbell's name got brought up Greg Williams smiled and praised Campbell.
    Don't get use hyped up again for Campbell, and he only show up on special teams to collect laundry on the field. We've been down that road and got let down. Don't sell us on Tommie Campbell if the kids not going to play.

    But all in all I thought it was an informative interview, answered a few questions some may have had, and it left me excited for this coming season. Cause honestly last year went stale real early in the season, I even at times laughed at how pitiful we looked. But Im not feeling that way after all we've done this off season, should be a good year to be a Titan.
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  2. The Hammer

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    They were set up to fail. Now we see what they can really do.
  3. Finnegan2win

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    Probably give up 500 points and look like a tree on the sideline as usual.
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  4. Jwill1919

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    Williams ain't no if he starts lighting up about Tommy, I buy it. If he isn't satisfied, he lets everyone know and lights that fire under the player. It sounds like Tommy is responding well, lets hope all the guys get a dose of that tough love and use this as an early way to overcome adversity, which will be plentiful come September.
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  5. Thaddeus43

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    Ehh, I think you are reading to much into this part ... what is Williams supposed to say? "Jerry Gray is a 'tard. He doesn't know how to use his players and is a terrible coach."

    This situation is a little unique in the fact that we essentially have 2 DCs (even if JG is the 'offical' DC). Williams knows he has to tread carefully with what he says to the media regarding Gray, or else people will jump to conclusions about who is really running things,which is a distraction they don't need now.

    And that is all I see in this interview here too. Williams basically says that he likes to play to his player's strengths, but then immediately has to credit JG for doing the same thing so that the media doesn't twist it to say "Williams said JG didn't play to his players strengths"

    If I were to read into anything it would be that 1st bullet point. Greg says that JG is the best "secondary" coach he has ever worked with ... not defensive coach, just secondary. Does that mean JG's job will be relegated to just focusing on the secondary while williams focuses on the D as a whole?
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  6. TitansWrath

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    He obviously hasn't watched much tape of Grey's secondary from last season.
  7. amy

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    I always thought Gray did the best he could with what he had to work with. You design plays around the players' strong points, but wasn't it obvious that we had no players with strong points? Now we have players with talent who seem to be smart enough to understand the plays. I see a good season with a much improved outlook amongst the players. I also don't think it out of the question that we get to the playoffs. :cj::yes2:

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    He did admit he didn't look at any of last years stats.
  9. BCTitans

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    Those are some very interesting comments.

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    Greg Williams was and is the titans biggest and best free agent of 2013! He is a winner period!
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