Some people are just scum

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Gunny, Apr 27, 2014.

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    How much?
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    Not likely....I was happy with it.
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    TT gave her the D. TT, you dog.
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  4. Big TT

    Big TT Annoying the's what I do.

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    I was about to say he banged her.
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    I am the sterotypical guy that should be PRO police

    but their actions make this difficult for me.

    When I am in Nashville I definatly feel like I am being policed. Not so much in Rutherford county though. Sheriffs deputies still seem to do their job without intruding into your life. See them cruise the neighborhood at random times. They dont harress people that are minding their own business.

    Nashville on the other hand, at least downtown, police definatly intrude. Even if it is little crap like not letting you go down a certain sidewalk (forcing you to cross the street) or seemingly to randomly close a street ect... Those little things really irk me. Could be a me issue though I admit.

    As for the bigger picture of police looking after their own at the expense of the public Murfreesboro/Rutherford County had one of the worst ever. Under entrenched Donk Sheriff Jones.
    witnesses saw Killings toss a bottle but what was the police stance?
    "found no evidence that would indicate alcohol was involved" & ' they stand by Killings'
    "What Mr. Killings did after the crash is not relevant," Taylor ruled. "It was not relevant what Mr. Killings had in the back of his car or what he did after the crash. What he did was not material."

    total complete cover up for a drunk cop that killed a little girl. But wait it gets worse!

    the entrenched Democratic Sheriff rehired the drunk killer Killings! The hubris of Jones!

    'Jones has served as Rutherford County's sheriff for more than a quarter century and told News 2 he was shocked by the result.
    "I thought it would be extremely wide margin on our side," Jones said Friday.'

    at least when the people had a voice they used it. I have no doubt the Killings incident was the straw that broke Jones back

    but lets look at the timestamp on Jones rehiring Killings shall we. Jones was defeated 5Aug10 and he rehired Killings 12Aug10 as the last FU to the people of Rutherford County for kicking his entrenched corrupt arse to the curb.
    At least Arnold did the peoples will and got rid of that drunk murder Killings who I hope rots in hell
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