Some observations from game 1 on offense.

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  1. Kaeotik

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    First off, it's very hard to jump to conclusions based on the performance of the offense in this particular game for the following reasons.

    1. Obviously, the Steelers defense is ALWAYS very good. They have earned their reputation and are not overrated. They are almost always the #1 rush defense in the league.

    2. It was the Titans QB's first time facing the Steelers. We all know how that turns out more often than not.

    3. We had 3 O-linemen starting their first regular season game for the Titans (including one rookie) Again, against a pretty confusing Steelers defense.

    That said, here are some observations.

    1. Jake was a bit nervous facing the blitz. He seemed to rush things even when his protection was good.

    2. The Steelers were able to keep CJ in check and avoid getting burned, but his admirable job picking up the blitz, and his willingness to take what was there and fall forward when at all possible should be noted.

    3. The pass protection was decent considering the opponent and the amount of blitzes they faced. This should improve every week early in the season.

    4. The run blocking was less than great, but there again, you have to consider that nearly every team that plays the Steelers every year could say that after they play them. This should also continue improving early in the season. Warmack was awesome. He made a huge play when he pushed Battle, who had lost his momentum to a first down on a 4th and 1. He's a bulldozer!

    5. Kenny Britt wasn't being targeted much at all. It could be overreaction to worry that he didn't get more balls thrown his way this week, but it makes me wonder a bit about why.

    6. Jackie Battle did a great job subbing for Greene and getting those tough yards. It's very helpful having guys that can smash out 3 yards when you need them against a stout run defense.

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  2. tnfan47

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    Locker made some good throws. Battle did a tremendous job fighting for extra yards to move the chains and clock ticking. Nice win for us.
  3. SawdustMan

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    Pretty much agree with everything. That is a tough defense and even though Locker didn't really do much, at least he didn't make any huge mistakes that cost us. But at the same time, he's a 3rd year guy now. It'd be nice to see him be able to make at least 1 big/scoring play throughout the course of the game. Pittsburgh is tough, but its not like they're the 85 Bears.

    He'll get another tough test next week, but against a more familiar defense. He needs to make some plays, no excuses. 125 yards and 0 TDs from our QB wont cut it against Houston.
  4. Dman

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    Locker is not a bad qb but if you look around the league, you see all these young qb's stepping up and making plays and Locker is behind them in progressing to becoming a great qb. There are so many good young qb's that we have to compare him too. It's really unfair to compare them but its the nfl... you perform or you will be thrown out. It's not all about stats either but to quote sawdust man : 125 yards, 0 td's, will not cut it on a weekly basis!
  5. onetontitan

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    While I realize that TOP is a very important aspect of the game, running the ball on 1st or 2nd and long is a Fisheresque thing to do. There were times that Locker got in a groove and made some great passes but we went right back to the run game. My only concern is this: it worked this week but I doubt it will work against Houston. We have to gain momentum through the air or we will have to punt early and often. We let our defense carry us this week. If we could have thrown a few more times, we could have easily turned those field goals/punts into TD's.
  6. The Hammer

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    There is definitely room for improvement on offense. We certainly cannot expect our defense to carry the team to carry the team like this when we face stronger teams. The Steelers have a garbage run game and it showed. Losing their best OL only made things more difficult for them. That being said it was encouraging to see the Titans hold strong after that horrible blunder to start the game.
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  7. tnfan47

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    I was hoping Britt would be more involved in the game. Only had one catch for 15 yards I believe. No telling how they were covering him or our game plan.
  8. steverife

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    I thought the play calling was fine. They don't call plays to showcase the team's talents or pad stats. They call to win. The Titans had control of the game and they did what they could to shorten the game and not lose the field position game.

    Locker didn't look great, but that is what was needed. CJ didn't look great, but he ran hard and smart and gained enough to keep control of down and distance.

    Outside of the Reynaud blunder and the dumb PF by Stewart, I have no complaints. Everyone played hard and competed. They'll need different players to step up throughout the season, but if they do that every week, I think playoffs are within reach.
  9. HeadOnASwivel

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    Not gonna really put up great numbers when the OC calls a grand total of 20 pass plays. :anon:
  10. TitansWrath

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    And calling forty possess when you are dominating a game and trying to shorten it is stupid.

    The staff called the gamelan that game us the best chance of winning, and the team executed. End of story.