So you want this team fixed? Time for some player accountability

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Alzarius, Nov 10, 2013.

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    I am not a huge fan of Munch, but to be honest, some of you guys are borderline retarded in your criticism of Munch. Reasons I say you are borderline retarded, is that people want to blame him for things that are out of his control. Flat team? No. His face on the sidelines? No. Lack of emotion? No. Being able to prepare? No.

    I am going to Quote Fry here, because he details my main concerns about Munch being our head coach

    It isn't about what he did, it's what he hasn't done as a head coach.

    On day one of his tenure he said he wanted to run the ball and stop the run. Going in to today's game we're 15th rushing and 26th stopping the run. We couldn't run the ball today against the worst rushing defense in the entire league.

    In year three we have no identity on offense or defense. When things go wrong we don't have anything to lean on.

    Not to mention he hired a bunch of buddies on his staff instead of guys who can actually coach

    It simply cannot be said better than that. Fry nailed what Munch's problems are imo. Not having the team motivated? Says who? Reflection of the team? Yea, by his title alone, and not to mention several other not so well thought out replies. Personally I have given Munch a lot of credit. He makes changes when he needs to, he will go for it when the time is right, and other than a few challenges, I think he has done an AVERAGE job as an NFL coach. I believe his drawback, is that he cannot build the team to have the identity that he wanted. He did try, it just didnt work and you dont get a lot of second chances at this level. As Fry stated, no identity.

    That being said, its time for some people to lose their agendas and optimisms and look at this team for what it is. Its also time to put aside agendas and learn how to evaluate this team on more than "talent" or "possibilities" and start seeing it for what it is.

    Chris Johnson. Coughed the football up twice today (evne though im sure thats Munch's fault somehow.. maybe he wasnt motivated to hold onto the ball???)


    Line or not, he is not worth a 10 million a year contract and should not be the main back on this team. He is now a change of pace back. Cut him, or CJ needs to take a major paycut after this offseason, and accept a severely reduced role. Not because he CANT do it, but because he will not be the main guy on this team anymore.

    We have key players that will need to be signed in the future, as well as having to improve the team. This is wasted money and we need a RB that can do it week in and week out (and the fault is not all on CJ)

    Our line decisions.

    Levitre. overpaid, and not worth the money. Inconsistent and not as good as advertised. We are stuck with him.

    Warmack was a bad pick. Yes, he can get better, and he is pretty good in the run game. However he has shown that he is not a capable pass blocker in the NFL as of now. Sure, he can improve, but were going to have to get someone who can actually improve this offensive line.

    We have ot replace Steward this off season as well


    The only real solution I can come up with is try to find a different line coach who can possibly help improve this offensive line. BM and Munch may be HOF OL players, but that does not always translate to on the field coaching. I dont think its BM fault, I just think we need to find a more inventive, better teacher

    Jake Locker

    Glimpses. Hes like the high school sweetheart who looks amazing.. so you finally take her out to the prom and she is all dressed up and looking amazing. THen the clothes come off and things arent proportioned right, things are saggy, and despite the way you dress it up.... you simply cannot be satisfied at the end of the day. He is wildly inconsistent, and after today, has earned the injury prone label. We cannot go into next year hoping this guy will be our future. I really like Locker, but I believe its time to move on.


    Look towards the draft


    Williams - people need to get off of his illusion. 49ers destroyed us. Rams would have scored at least 28 if not for a fluke fumble, and the jags put up 29 points against us today. 20 if you take off the CJ fumble and Chance screw up. You want this guy leading this team? You want this guy as our head coach (he has already proven he is ineffective as one) Time to hold him accountable... the past 3 games, he not been the same Williams, period.

    Loggains - I have defended Loggains and still think he will eventually become one hell of an OC. Today, unless it was a busted play, he called an option. A QB who is just coming back from an injury, and an option is called. I complained BEFORE I saw him getting up hobbled. This was one of the worst things he could have done. IN time he may improve, but I dont want to wait for that to happen.

    Edit: Have to leave, more will be added.
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  2. yanek27

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    Thanks for this. If we can see it then why can no one else?
  3. yanek27

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    If you go back and watch game there is a play where a Jag yells "WHERE's GREG WILLIAMS?" Thought that was pretty funny at the time.

    But what gets me is the coverage. Why do we give every team the benefit of the doubt and say you can have 15 yards but you cannot get 20 on us? Problem is 3rd and 14, all they need is 14 not 20. Casey is a stud, Verner and Jason are great but schemes hold them back.

    QB big concern.
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    Everyone here trashes our players when they make a stupid mistake as much as they do our coaching staff, so I don't see this double standard you are implying. Shouldn't a coaching staff be held accountable for its team's record?

    Do we have issues with players executing the plays? Sure.

    Is our roster so full of holes the coaching staff should get a pass for the product they've put on the field? Absolutely not.
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    Good post.
    Give Warmack a chance.

    How much of what the 49'ers did to us is all on Williams? Remember Jerry Gray?
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    I hate this thread. It is bad.

    Same kind of ass holes who defended Dooley.

    Delusional ass wipes who will never want this franchise to be any more than what it is
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    I'm new here but honestly bro I think you would have something to complain about even if we were regularly winning by double digit scores every week.
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    I hear what you're saying, but in terms of priority, I put the coaches higher in the "We need changes" category. The players are accountable for sure, but these coaches in my opinion are dropping the proverbial ball a lot more and harder than the players are.
  9. Big TT

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    We have been watching the same season play out for 17 ****ing years. Each and every year you can bank on 2-3 games where this team mails in games where they get beat by sub par talented teams. Every ****ing year. I am done.
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  10. Tennessy XO

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    Except I rarely comment on the games much

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