So, Who are the Cancers?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by bassplyr, Nov 11, 2013.

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    He was supposed to against the worst ****ing run defense in the NFL. But that 2.5 ypc was awesome
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    I blame you for the Jags loss! How could you let us down like that?!?!?! lol
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    I think this loss is on a lack of team leadership. Fumbling the first play and going down 7-0 to an 0-8 team should mean nothing. But the titans let it get in their heads. That is where a Locker or some vet has to take charge of the huddle and snap them out of it. Griping about "cancers" after the game in the locker room is interesting press, but that is something that needs to be addressed by the players in the course of the game.

    I think the players don't have confidence in Fitz and it shows. But Fitz had good numbers (111 passer rating). That can win in today's NFL.

    I think the biggest cancer is this fallacy of a "run first" team. Face it, over halfway through the season and you can't manage 90 yds rushing against the league's worst rushing defense, you aren't a running team. Trying to be one is what's killing this season. It isn't working and we have a very effective receiving corp especially if we keep using out TEs like we did yesterday.

    But no, I suspect what we will see again on thursday is run CJ right x2, short pass, then punt. Rinse and repeat.
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    cmon you know the jaguars wanted this game bad and had confidence they can beat us since we were the last team they beat plus they had two weeks to prepare plus they had to have
    been pumped to stop cj and prove they aint that bad at run d
    he just destroyed st Louis he can do that to the colts im sure

    cmon guys quit being so negative all the time! we still right in the middle of the playofffs
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    i don't know man i don't know im sorry
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    Some of you still have faith we can beat the Colts? Lol nah. I for one lost ALL HOPE after yesterday's game and I haven't forgotten how Fitz looked in his 2 starts this year.. AWFUL.. Y'all expect that to change vs a Colts D that slowed down Peyton? Nah nah nah.

    This team lost everything yesterday. They'll miss the playoffs, hopefully that costs Munchak his job, and I'm not sure Locker should be the starter next year anyway. I've been a huge defender of Locker but he clearly can't stay healthy. That is very very clear at this point.
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    How about Pollard? His fouls extended a TD drive twice. I love his attitude off the field and in practice, but he hasn't exactly been spectacular for us on the field. You could argue that he's hurt us more than he has helped us.
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    IMO the Titans had already checked off the Jags game as a win and were looking towards the Colts Thursday night
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    if pollard wasn't on the d then our pass defense would most likely get shredded. I like his attitude on d and everyone runs to the ball. I can't put this on pollard, he is very passionate. I think it is Britt for being shunned this year.
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    Pollard is hardly a coverage safety.. he is mostly in there for run support. Any matchup against a TE or WR is a bad one. Being passionate doesn't excuse a boneheaded late hit on Henee. That was ridiculous.

    I attribute the defensive turnaround solely to Gregg Williams.
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