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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Big TT, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Dibs on John Travolta when we eventually.....



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    I think we can win the last game if the Jags have already clinched a playoff spot.
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    I'm pissed because I was planning on taking another couple of back to back road trips this season (to Indy and GB).

    Things can change, but there's no way I waste all that gas, time, and money if we aren't in playoff contention... PLAYOFFS???!!!
  6. Thaddeus43

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    I think some of you are still over-reacting a bit. Sure we are 0-2, but it was against some teams we knew we were going to struggle against, with a young QB trying still trying to get his feet under him and some new starters on the D ... it will take a few games for everyone to settle in and starting hitting thier stride.

    Here is my take.

    The next couple of weeks will be rough (Lions and Texans), but I think the team will have started to find its identity by then. By week 5 Britt/Washington should be 100% (barring another injury), and Locker will have had a few weeks to practice/play with Britt and hopefully start building some chemistry. With a healthy WR corps, our passing game will be ready to move to the next level. Our offense starts to come alive week 5 against the Vikes, and that in turn helps the D stay fresh and play better, longer. Then I see the following Ws on the schedule

    Colts (sweep)
    Jags (sweep)
    GB (already locked the PO spot)

    Also we upset one of the following teams

    Steelers, Jets, Texans, Bears

    That gives us 9 wins. And we will be in another tie-breaker scenario to get the WC spot. We get in assuming we upset one of the AFC teams.

    Just my thoughts anyway. I guess maybe I am a glass half-full kind of guy. haha
  7. ProfessorD

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    I agree. Back when the QB debate was going on the same theme kept coming up, "no matter which one we play we will still start the season 0-4" so why all of a sudden are we surprised that the season is going this way. Yes our defense has looked like chit except for the second and third quarter last week and yes our run game is garbage, but hopefully these are things that we can fix. I see our first W realistically being the Vikings, but I like to live in lala land every once and a while and I'm gonna say we some how magically get our first W this weekend against the lions.
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    People are pissed because we haven't been competitive on either side of the ball. In either game. If we were 0-2 due to two hard fought losses I think everyone here would still be talking playoffs. But we've been absolute garbage and there's just no sugarcoating it. We ARE one of the worst teams in the league right now. And I'm not saying that because of our record.
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    we should win at Minn but lose to the Steelers so after 6 games we will be 1-5
  10. Thaddeus43

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    Well the good news is me and one of my buddies will be attending the Lions game. I have only been to 2 games with this friend, last time we played the Ravens, and last time we played the Eagles ... Both games KB went crazy and pretty much won both games by himself. I'm not saying that the presence of me and my friend being there is good luck for KB, but if he has another crazy good game this time then I think I should get one of his game checks. hahaha
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