So, what happened to Rice?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Aug 7, 2007.

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    She sounds more like a Med Tech to me.
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    I see no reason why people say that Rice is done. The guy has been a beast of consistency in terms of health and production. Just because he has 1 injury that requires surgery people throw him to the trash heap. I think that Rice missing half of last yr is a bonus in terms of his legs being fresher. As long as his shoulder is healthy I would certainly be willing to sign him for 5-6mil a yr for a 3 yr deal. It would certainly give us more leverage going into the 2008 offseason knowing that we have KVB and Rice under contract. Otherwise we might be forced to pay huge money on the FA market for a DE or be forced to pick a DE early in the draft because all we have under contract is KVB and Ford.

    It honestly benefits both teams to not have a deal done now. Rice misses training camp and gets to see if a team sustains a rash of injuries thus making his value go up. The longer the Titans wait the more work their young guys get. The Titans know that Rice's agent knows that the Titans have tons of cap space and a need. He will certainly check with the Titans before signing any other deal. The closer to the season the lower Rice's value as long as no team has a rash of injuries.

    I feel very confident that Reinfeldt will not overpay for Rice.

    A short term bonus of signing Rice is that he knows all the NFC South teams very well and we get them this yr.
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