So we are desperate at linebacker?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. xhrr

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    I think Morgan could be a 3-4 OLB but he will mainly be a pass rusher and not a cover guy but that's what a lot of 3-4 OLB do they specialize in pass rushing. Ware was never a great cover guy, Woodley, Orakpo, Suggs, etc. They hardly ever cover. I don't really care for Ayers either I'm hoping he isn't the guy with potential that is always mediocre. I would like to see him do well in a 3-4 but could see us letting him walk if he has another average year. Orakpo scares me cause he is always hurt.
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    I think that using Brown and Gooden inside wastes one of them because of the role that the TED linebacker plays in a 3-4 defense. TED linebacker's job is to take on blockers so that the MIKE linebacker is freed up to make plays so he in a sense acts as a FB for the Mike linebacker. I think putting Gooden or Brown is a sever waste of their athleticism.

    Personally I think Ayers would make a great TED backer where he could use his size inside to fight off offensive guards and clog running lanes. (Note: Karl Klug or Derrick Morgan might also fit in this role a la Mike Vrabel). I think Brown is best used at OLB where he can rush the passer with his amazing speed and Gooden would be best used at Mike if he can bulk up to 240-250 lbs.

    I would grab the best pass rusher available to us at 11 and then grab Karlos Dansby out of the FA. Dansby would give us some leadership up front and has plenty of experience as a ILB in the 3-4. This would give Gooden time to bulk up and season as well which would help him, IMO, because he lost a big chunk of his rookie year to injuries.

    My LBs in my base defense would go: (Mack/Barr) | Dansby | Ayers | Brown. Morgan and Edwards would be behind Mack or Barr as depth but would start on the LoS as DE in our nickel formation.
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  3. titans92790

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    Mack/Barr probably won't be there at 11. Just saying... let's be serious about this
  4. xhrr

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    Ayers is big but he's soft. He is better suited to rush the passer since his game is more finesse than taking on blockers.
  5. Finnebosch

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    I disagree. Ayers had a down year this year but I wouldn't have called him soft based on how he played his first to years in the league. Ayers was effective lining up as a DE last season in our nickle formations (although we didn't do this enough) and he made some plays fighting off blocks from RT.
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    I agree with Finnbosch on this one. I Would like to see Ayers inside in the base as well. He does have good size and can still blitz.

    I think Brown will excel as an olb.

    there is talent and flexibility in the squad for sure.
    Pass rusher, De and an ILB are top priorty,
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    if wimbley takes a cut we don't need to spend big on lbs, just guys to compete.
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    We might not be using the classic Fairbanks-Bullough type 3-4 but if we do Ayers would be an interesting guy to try in that TED spot. You could equate him physically to hightower of the Pats. He could still line up outside and rush the passer on occasion.

    I agree with you about Brown being an interesting guy on the edge. I think he is a guy much better in space o the edge than inside though his speed sideline to sideline could be a real asset in the middle of the field.

    Horton and Spanos will hash it all out.
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    Might be slightly off topic but when you all get a chance go back and take a look at Ayers college tape. Holy sh*t the guy looked good. He looked like exactly what I envision a top 10 defensive talent looks like.Hell looked better then than Barr does now. It's insane to me that he's been this mediocre. The draft can be such a damn crap shoot sometimes.
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    I started watching more of Anthony Barr... and i'm not really impressed. Pass-rusher is tough to scout, I was way wrong on a prospect like Aldon Smith. I haven't seen Barr do anything amazing. Seems lazy. No great pass-rush moves, doesn't bend or turn the corner vs OTs very well, and is very average vs the Run. With that being said, the dude had 10 sacks... and has the athletic ability.

    I like Khalil Mack way more.
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