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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by edward nigma, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Why did we sign Shonn Greene? I'm curious, because the explanation we got from his signing was to wear down the opposing defense and pickup the tough 3rd and short yardage correct? On the safety in the fourth quarter, at our 1 yard line Greene is in the backfield. (7:56 on the clock 2nd and 10) Instead of us running out of this situation we throw a 1-yard pass to him. Are you serious? (Why yes, I am.) We threw a 1-yard pass to our 230 pound bruiser out of the backfield. The result of this: A safety (Warmack was called for holding on a pass play from our 1-yard line with a 230 pound bruiser in the backfield).

    Let's replay this situation:
    (8:15 on the clock, 1st and 10 on the 1) Now let's imagine we run to get out of our end zone and we get a first down (I know, just imagine), we are at the 10 yard line but go 3 and out, so we punt. We have ran off maybe two and a half to three minutes off of the clock (5:45 minute mark, give or take 25 seconds), but the game is still 20-13. They were abysmal on offense, so they probably punt back to us at the 3:50 mark (give or take 25 seconds). We still have two timeouts plus the two minute warning. We're in a better situation to pull this game out.

    My point is why not run the ball out to give yourself some breathing room or throw the ball deep (like Kansas City did against us when we couldn't get in the end zone from 1-yard out). Now I know they attempted a deep pass on first down but lets be honest we don't have a receiver that scares anyone with their deep speed so it was a futile attempt. How about throwing the deep pass to your 6ft 4in. receiver with the 40 inch vertical like earlier in the game?

    These are the decisions regarding personnel that drive me crazy as a fan. We run 4 verticals and our TE with 4.4 speed gets behind the linebacker (that can't cover him and we score our first touchdown). Funny how that works.

    Their WR's can't get behind our secondary, so instead of making life hell for Henne by playing man we go back to our soft 7-10 yards off the receiver zone. They proceed to attack the mid of the F_#kin wide open field.

    These are the decisions that make me not want the coaching staff back. I agree the Titans thought they could step on the field and Jacksonville was going to fold like a chair. But, in order for the chair to fold you have to kick the leg first. The coaching staff thought this was a cakewalk also, so they eased up and allowed a winless team to come in our stadium and walk away with their first victory.

    Alright, I got it off my chest. When they win, Thursday night I will be back to normal. So please, just bare with me.

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  2. Alzarius

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    He got stuffed on a 3rd and 1 too, for a loss.

    Theres no guarantee he gets anything and maybe they saw something, especially knowing they were stacking the box because most plays coming out of your end zone are running plays. I dont have a problem that they took the chance... just too bad Warmack got beaten like a red headed stepchild.
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    I think your missing my point. I don't have a problem throwing it from your end zone, I have a problem throwing a 1-yard pass.
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    Feel better? This is the kind of shyt we've been putting up with for years...this organization still has a "Fishy" smell to it. Time to clean house.
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    If I recall, they tried a 20 yard pass to Wright on first down who had a defender all over him but no call.
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    As usual.
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    We tried to create room on the 1st down power run, but didn't get much. We tried to surprise them with a pass on 2nd down. It back fired but I don't blame Loggains for that call. Chance has got to play better and not let Marks run him into the backfield forcing a hold.

    Our offense has no identity and I blame that on coaching. Are we a power run team or a finesse zone team? I went back and watched the coaches tape on NFL rewind (what an awesome resource) and tallied that we ran 11 power running plays and 10 zone running plays. Nice balance, but balance doesn't do you any good if you aren't any good at either. We are very much a run to the right team. Only 6 carries went to the left all day.

    On defense I don't understand the package of Wimbley and Klug being on the same side of the DL. We got pounded to that side all day. Why put our 2 weakest run defenders on the same side. I'd put Wimbley, Casey. Klug, and Morgan if we are going with those 4. Better balanced to stop the run and just as good at rushing the passer.

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    Shonn Greene does gain the 1-yard when we need it, most of the time anyways.

    Im pleased with the signing, just wish he wasn't hurt those first few weeks when we could have stolen a win from Houston, Kansas City or Seattle.
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