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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SacredTitan16, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. SacredTitan16

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    lol thanks im trying.
  2. SawdustMan

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    It also strangely coincides with him playing at a high level on the field. If/when the fans start booing again, we'll see the same old finger-pointing, delusional CJ.
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  3. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    Would you want to be a RB on a team that can't block and has fans that don't understand football and blame you for everything when you're easily the brightest spot on the team? I didn't think so.
  4. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    In a recent interview, you'll probably find it on the Titan website, he said that he wants to be here. He said that it was b/c of TENN that he got drafted and that it was here that he did all those 'amazing things' and records and what not. Like I said, you'll prob find it on the Titan website.

    On YouTube look for the 'Chris Johnson e60' video - you'll find it easily - he claims he's the best dressed NFL'er. I LOL'ed pretty hard too, dude sometimes looks like a joke when not in uniform.

    Titans Eternal
    I'm not sure he loves wins more... I watch a lotta of interviews and stuff, the guy is always focused on his numbers and not really our number.
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  5. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    Chris Johnson gets asked a whole lot about his numbers. Would you prefer he say "no comment. I don't want to seem like that's all I care about." every single time he's asked? This stuff kills me. He answers the questions the reporters ask.
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  6. HeadOnASwivel

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    When I consider CJ being a part of the team or not I'm really torn.

    He's, clearly, our best player on offense and as such commands they highest salary on the team; rightfully so I may add. Obviously losing a weapon like CJ could really hurt our offense.

    On the other hand, I imagine the free agents we could bring in if we weren't paying our RB 10 million this year with his salary escalating each year thereafter. With the league morphing into a passing league, primarily, I don't believe RB's should command such high salaries. We've all seen the position being devalued in the draft and on the field, since most teams use a running back by committee approach.

    Nothing against CJ as a player, he's an incredible weapon, it's more of a team building approach where locking up a single running back to such a high salary may hurt the team in the end.

    Hypothetically if we were to draft say a Stepfan Taylor how much would our offense really suffer at the end of the day? Sure we wouldn't have CJ's home run hitting ability but on a down by down basis I really don't think we'd lose that much. What if, as a result, we freed up 9 million in salary and were able to sign a Greg Jennings or Jarius Byrd?

    I don't want to see CJ leave on a personal level, however if I were in charge of the Titans I'd probably try to move him as a cost savings move only. The money saved would allow me to fill some of our many holes with elite free agents. This approach would apply to players like Rob Bironas as well, he's just not worth 3 million a year at this point. I'd prefer to draft a rookie kicker or just sign one of the many that will be on the market after the season. Again, Michael Whiffin' would fall under the same cost cutting measure, dump his high salary and get someone who can make a friggin tackle.

    The fact of the matter is the Titans are around 14 million under the salary cap at the moment. With the CBA mandating that teams spend 89% of the salary cap in cash we have to be major players in free agency. I mean, honestly, how many of you would be bummed if this was our starting lineup next season, minus CJ of course?


    LG-Andy Levitre
    C-Barret Jones/Khaled Holmes
    RG- Velasco


    SS-Dashon Goldson
    FS-Jairus Byrd

    I know it seems unlikely, but I'm telling you this could happen considering how much money we are under the cap. We'd be dumping CJ, Whiffin and Bironas and saving tons of money in the process. Our franchise tag on Cook is one of the cheapest, position-wise, in football... a tad over 5 million.
  7. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    I'm sorry, but if the Titans get the blocking issues fixed, CJ's potential is just WAY too high to let him go and watch him tear it up somewhere else. That said, if we don't fix the blocking issues, we're going to have a BIG issue with CJ. No way he's going to take another offseason failure to fix the problems lying down. From listening to what he had to say last Monday, I don't think he wants any part of being on this team if they don't do something about the issues with the running game. I don't blame him. We're freakin wasting his talents the last 2 and a half years now.
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  8. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    Well I sure hope he quits dancing and taking 19 yard losses when he could just get a yard.

    That's one of the biggest problems with our running game.
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  9. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    I see your point through your wild exaggeration. Point is, there needs to be a hole to hit. True, CJ tends to lose even more yards trying desperately to make something out of nothing, but let's focus on fixing the fact there is nothing to start with. Make sense?
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  10. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Don't forget he has been indecisive lately as well. More so early in the year but his vision and hitting the hole hasn't been "elite" by any chance. You can go ahead and blame the o line again if you wish, but SOME of that is on CJ
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