So again, I ask... Who's the best QB in the league THIS YEAR?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Deuce Wayne, Feb 7, 2010.

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    The topic of the thread is not "this season". It says "this year" which makes no sense since the football season for "this year" has not started yet.

    You mean who was the best QB for the 2009 season? Then say that!

    How about simply who is the best QB period?
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    ^Are you serious?

    That's the worst back-pedal I've ever seen.
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    Yeah that was kinda weak.
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    Yea that was a classic BS.
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    First, you're saying Peyton's team basically doesn't take advantage of the salary cap system so WHY wouldn't we be able to compare him to teams that also didn't bring in free agents?

    Faulk was let go because they wanted to draft EJ and they did. It was a way to keep costs down as they knew they were gonna have to pay big for Manning and Harrison. They let the Edge go at the right time but basically for the same reason...they didn't want to pay him huge bucks and they thought he was declining (and he was).

    And to answer your did Montana do after they lost Roger Craig? Manning hasn't lost a Hall of Fame WR who they wanted to keep just as Montana didn't lose Rice.

    So tell me again why I can't compare them? More importantly, Montana has a vastly better post season record, was ridiculous in his 4 Super Bowls (3 time MVP and deservedly so) and his QB rating is only a little lower than Manning's when Montana played in an era where you could beat up the WR all over the field as well as batter the QB while Peyton almost can't be touched and his WR's can't be touched past 5 yds.

    Montana FTW!

  6. Gut

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    First off, the game was drastically different back then. It was a pound the rock and bomb the ball 50yds which is why Bradshaw threw a lot more INT's with a lower completion % in general. It is also why there were many games where he'd end up with a ridiculously high yds per attempt avg of 14 (about double what's good today with 8 being VERY good today).

    Statisically, Bradshaw is light years behind Manning in the regular season and while his overall post season throwing stats are not Montana like, he still has a significantly better Post-season record than Manning, 4 Super Bowl rings, I think 2 SB MVP's and ridiculously good SB stats (far superior to Mannings).

    Also keep in mind that the rules were a LOT crazier in the 70's in terms of hitting QB's and WR's. In the 70's a lot of what Manning does now would not happen. LB's didn't just 'check' crossing WR's...they knocked them unconscious! It was a completely different era. And for comparison, check out how well Manning threw the ball in thos early Colts/Pats matchups in which the Pats were allowed to manhandle the Colts WR's. Manning's stats in those games were BAD! So while you're looking at Manning's gaudy regular season stats vs Bradshaw's, the rules made a HUGE difference in how the game was played and it's affect on QB stats.

    Who's a better QB depends on what you want your QB to do, what era you're playing in and whether you're more concerned with stats/records/regular season performance vs Post season performance vs SB performance.

    Some would argue that Bradshaw's 4 SB rings and awesome SB performances give him a more successful career than Manning's. Some will say Manning's stats blow him away even if his post-season record is bad and his 2 Super Bowl performances were lacking to say the least.

    I put more stock in post-season record, post-season performance, SB record and performance than I do regular season stats but Manning's awesome regular season stats certainly make him a Hall of Fame QB.

    Where would you put Roger Staubach compared to Manning? Again, Manning has the 'stats' but just for comparison sake, Staubach led the league in QB rating 4 times in 9 years compared to Manning's 3 times in 12 years. Hope that brings home the point about comparison's in different eras.

  7. Gut

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    How do you figure Manning is the best career wise considering his post season stats are VASTLY inferior to guys like Montana, his SB stats are mediocre while Montana's are AWESOME, Montana has 4 rings and 3 SB MVP awards, Montana's regular season QB rating is only slightly worse in a much more difficult era to pass in and he IMPROVED his performance and record in the playoffs and Super Bowl while Manning's has drastically fallen off.

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    This year it has to be Brees; he was amazing. But there are some unbelievable QBs in the league now, a lot of it due to constant rule changes in their favor. The HOF QBs will have their records shattered over the next few years, by the way it's going.
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