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    The NFL is this year, for the first time, making available the number of snaps each player plays on Sundays.

    Here are a few interesting tidbits from the playtime percentage of the Titans in the team’s 34-13 loss to New England yesterday.

    • Four of the team’s starting offensive linemen played all 65 offensive snaps, but one did not. Guard Leroy Harris, who is still recovering from offseason knee surgery, was in for 50 of 65 offensive snaps and was replaced by Kevin Matthews for the other 15 snaps.
    • Two players who saw little offensive action were tight end Craig Stevens and fullback Quinn Johnson. Stevens was on the field for just 11 of 65 offensive snaps (17%), while Johnson was on the field for just 10 of 65 offensive snaps (15%).
    • Rookie wide receiver Kendall Wright was on the field for 52 of 65 offensive snaps (80%). That’s more than any other Titans wide receiver, though the total for Nate Washington (45 snaps) was impacted by his leg injury. Lavelle Hawkins was on the field for just 19 snaps (29%), and that total probably would have been less had Washington not been injured.
    • We’ll see if this trend continues against opponents other than the Patriots, but safety Robert Johnson saw far more action yesterday than last year’s starter, Jordan Babineaux. Johnson was on the field for 65 of 67 defensive snaps (97%), while Babineaux was in the game for just 15 of 67 snaps (22%). Safety Michael Griffin was on the field for 64 defensive snaps (96%).
    • It’s absolutely clear who won the competition for the team’s third cornerback role – Ryan Mouton. Mouton was on the field for 59 of 67 defensive snaps (88%), while Tommie Campbell, who was the early leader in training camp to be the third corner, didn’t play a single down on defense.

    Source: Titans Insider
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    Tommie Campbell has done nothing to impress me. All I can remember about him is racking up 30 or 45 yards in special teams penalties against the (then) winless Colts last year.
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