Slow Starts Kill Us

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    This Titans team has scored just 20 first quarter points throughout the first 7 games. 7 against Houston, 10 against the Jets, and 3 against Seattle. Notice, half of that abysmal 20 points came against the Jets, as Locker was capitalizing on great field position with good drives. We've only scored a first quarter TD in 2/7 games, and we're averaging under a field goal per quarter over that stretch.

    I've boiled it down to three primary reasons for this, and they all revolve around the run game.

    1. Dowell- his playcalling sucks. We're last in the league in first down rushing yards, and completely uncreative with our methods of getting the ball to our weapons. If I can guess what play is coming from my couch, then so can all the top end defenses we've been playing.

    2. CJ- he sucks. Dude can't break a tackle, and isn't providing the big plays from the handoff that he's had in years past. No, he's not slow. But he can't break a tackle. Can't make guys miss, and doesn't run past linebackers in the backfield with that vintage CJ vision and make defenses pay. Frankly, it is his fault. I don't give a damn what your excuse is, how bad your blocking is, what defense your playing against, or any of that crap. If your the self proclaimed fastest guy in the league and best RB in the game, you sure as hell better be producing something. I've sided with CJ for quite sometime. But after meticulously watching some footage of him this year...he need to quit running into the damn linebackers and make the defense pay for their pursiot. Simple as that.

    3. Offensive line- Young, raw, terrible C play thus far, brand new unit playing for the first time. I have confidence that the OLine will turn their situation around and eventually be the strength of this offensive unit. Much more confidence than I have in points 1 or 2 turning it around.

    In 2001 we were 0-3. Couldn't get the run going with George, and beginning to watch the season slip away. We then put the ball in McNAir's hands. It's time for us to give the rock to the only dude who's shown he can get it done this year. And I can't even believe this as I'm typing it, but that dude is Jake Locker. Time to let Jake run this offense, and see if he can make a playoff contender out of what's been a haggard looking offense thus far.
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    The offensive line has problems, no doubt. We focus on the interior but Big Country has been hurt and, let's be honest, it may be time to look to bring in new talent at both tackle positions.

    CJ simply isn't suited to run behind any OL that can't sustain blocks longer than the Titans have so far. The run defenses they'll face after the bye will be easier so we might see some dramatic improvements. We'll see. I think getting Greene back will be a big boost as well.

    Loggins should have the first few plays scripted based on exploits he's found in film study. He's clearly not done well here and/or teams have studied his tendencies and have adjusted well. He has to do better along with adjusting to what the defense is doing.
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    How in God's name can a team who spent so much/drafted so much talent for a woeful o-line, still be completely crap?
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    I think Roos is still fine but you are right on Stewart. Right now may be the best time to try Bryon Stingily out. If not then Otto should probably be in there.

    I think :cj:may be better suited to a pass happy offense. Much like Marshall Faulk.
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    1. Turner wasn't starting material.
    2. Levitre hasn't played to his contract.
    3. Roos is getting old.
    4. Stewart is gimpy and getting old.
    5. Warmack wasn't as ready as we thought and needs experience.

    With Schwenke in there, I expect we'll still see some growing pains but steady improvement. I think the OL, in general, will fair well against the teams they face after the bye.

    Here's the run defenses coming up:
    Rams - 30th
    Jags - 32nd
    Colts - 27th
    Raiders - 9th
    Colts - 27th
    Broncos - 1st
    Cards - 7th
    Jags - 32nd
    Texans - 26th
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    Isn't our run game like 34th in the league though?
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    Yup, Locker being hurt really dropped us on the charts.
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    Yes, but, according to TWW2, :cj: is in no way even a little bit responsible
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    he defends Britt and VY so his credibility goes down in my mind which in turn does make cj somewhat responsible lol. I think when it comes to our run game we have to blame cl, the oline, and loggains. All 3 are responsible for getting the run game going, it is not just one persons fault but yes cj is somewhat responsible for getting some yards.
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    I agree with all of you guys. CJ is responsible for not picking up substantial yardage at times, and yes, whenever there IS a hole to hit, he most likely will miss the opening because he doesn't trust there will be a hole there. It seemed a little better last week when he was running straight forward, without dancing around like a fairy princess, but Loggains needs to get his shiaaaaat together, expand his pansy playbook, --->and grow a pair of giblets! <--- At this point, stalling out is NOT a option! Jobs should be on the line NOW, and should be monitored accordingly!