Six Reasons The Xbox 360 Is in Trouble

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Puck, Aug 9, 2007.

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    It's an analogy slinging match.
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  3. Deuce Wayne


    Uh. That's the point...that was the entire analogy. Wtf. lol
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    I think, that like me, I began getting tired of FPS, and the rest of the new games as I did before with arcades, adventure games ala scumm, and 3d interactive games as GTA and some Spiderman games out there... there has not been anything very new lately as happend in gaming with text games->arcades->2d sim games ->fps -3d sim games -fps with new grafic cards-> 3d GTA vice and beyond style games -> CS mainly Lan Games -> WoW Lan Gaming ->? (nothing new yet to come in terms of software) -WiiMote?

    WiiMote is the reason, and also the fact that many people like me is getting bored of playing console/computer games alone (or in net, which was the other choice) so I like the concept of "party" console, and "party" playing more than the old style of solo or net playing against usually a lot of rude cheating freaks in a CS/WoW like game. The second choice also takes too much training time to enjoy any game by getting a frag here or there.

    I like Sports - Mario Party etc etc and like anyone, I get tired of a game if I play it alone. I still can enjoy any of those games against new people as I would in a Quake II lan game.

    There are times I can go without touching the Wii a month, and that does not make it a future failure or me wanting the PS3 for the same old stuff but with better graphics. If I want a FPS more and more realistic I would play freaking paintball.

    Eyetoy and Singstars were great concepts, i think Eyetoy was little exploted and had far more potencial that It sold. Maybe sony can learn something from wii and get something like that. More party-like games! More moving around games like any wiimote games or eyetoy!

    To me having a Wii is like having a very good board game that if i get tired of that game I buy another, but I can´t get bored of the wii party concept as I dont get tired of board or cards games at parties.

    I aint paying 600€ on a PS3, and probably also not on a wii. I could buy a PS3 if it costed something like 200 €. I would still pay more for a wii, because is more entertaining.
  5. GoTitans3801

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    Gloat, your hamburger and steak comparison entirely depends upon what you look for in a gaming console. You would probably say good graphics, realistic games and movement. Puck would probably say entertaining games that are fun to play. The Wii is just as likely to be superior under Puck's definition here. Innovative gameplay is another aspect of a gaming system. I also find it laughable that your example of a better restaurant than McDonald's is Red Lobster's.
  6. Ryudo

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    Wow so much in this topic has so much wrong info I am not sure where to start..

    Nintendo is now worth as a company than Sony since Wii/DS have taken off.
    few months ago reported Ninty was worth around 53 billion and Sony was 51 and Ninty was gaining money and Sony was losing money ESP on PS3 and right now Sony is really putting the company on Blu-ray and PS3's shoulders.

    Since taking over as New Nintendo CEO Mr Iwata as a developer himself has fixed relations with 3rd party developers...many serious hard core games are in development for Wii and Nintendo has even gone as far as buying up some MAJOR development studios like Monolith soft who used to make big RPG series esp Xenosaga and Square is making a Zelda like game in the FF universe
    And Forever blue ocean game
    NiGHTS 2
    And many more like Guitar Hero III and Soul calibur legends Bully Resident Evil Chronicles ...Nintendo is just putting on a face trying to show more off it's Wiifit for non gamer gamers right now rather than hype up the many hardcore games it has coming and of course it's first party games like metroid and mario and Smash bros.
    And as for it's power it's actually more powerful than an Xbox 1 and is very capable of amazing visuals (not up to PS3/360 stuff of course but still some very nice stuff and even the first Xbox was never truly taken advantage of) for the one that said already peaked in graphics ...not a fat chance ..just most developers have been lazy.

    360 is adressing the overheating as it has the 65nm cooler chips in development and look for them to put the overheating issues in the past.
    And while sales struggle now they will pick up this holiday season as 360 may have the most killer apps for 2007.

    Kaz said himself that the 500$ 60GB PS3's are limited and only while supplies last..they are not after a two sku market the 80GB will be the main machine..though they removed the BC for the new PS3 so you will like the 360 have to rely on emulation.
    Developers like UBI and EA have been complaining about the PS3 and even Square is wanting to now focus less with Sony and focus more on other consoles...FF13 will be a 6 part series across multiple systems over a period of 10 years.
    Take two has delayed GTAIV and puts the blame on the PS3 cell as it's just too finicky (and they want the game to launch at the same time as the 360 version so 360 game got delayed also)
    PS3 has Lair and Heavenly sword which should help a little oh and a future titles like MGS4 and Little Big Planet will be big sellers also.




    Sony should have done everything in their power to launch first again or at least the same time as the 360.

    Developers are going to take the easy way out and do lazy ports from the 360 to the PS3. Just ask Madden fans that purchased the PS3 version of '08 about this.

    Ubisoft really went off on the PS3 the other day basically calling it crippled, which it isn't. It is just different that than the 360.

    Had Sony been able to launch first, then developers would have been forced to get used to the PS3 just like they did with the PS2 (which was not an easy system to develop for either). Then maybe the doom and gloom 360 logic would be valid.

    MS is willing to take a substantial loss if they gain market share which they have done. The Xbox is not going anywhere. Neither is Sony or Nintendo.

    MS definitely rushed the 360 out but they did that with the purpose of being the first Next Gen console out on the market. Sony sat around mocking and trashing the 360. Telling everyone to wait for the PS3 as it was going to be the only true Next Gen console which we all know now (though not everyone will admit it) was BS smoke and mirrors.

    MS will get the hardware problems taken care of. They will eat whatever they have to eat and keep moving forward.

    Premium model 360's are now shipping with the 65nm chip and HDMI output. They are already discussing a 45nm chip now as well.

    I am amazed at the doom and gloom MS stories when it is still the #1 overall selling Next Gen console. It may not finish #1 when all is said and done but I think MS has pretty much done what they needed to do.

    I still love my 360 and PS3 and I am glad to own all three consoles.

    I am indifferent to the Wii as in my opinion, it is not a true Next Gen console. It is a last gen console with a new style controller. But that is just my opinion. I am glad that is it opening doors to a different market and people that would not normally play video games are now interested because of it. But I do wish that they would have made it HD and put a little more power under the hood.

  8. Ryudo

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    No MS has said none of them are shipping with the 65nm chip yet...that was assumption by consumers since the premium now has HDMI but it has not started yet and MS was saying hopefully they can get a 40NM chip in by the end of 08.

    I have even consulted my MS rep about it.

    PS2 was hard to develop for and decelopers didn't like the emotion chip but only dealt with it because it was the most popular at the time but this Gen they have the option of not developing for sony due to finicky chips since it is not the console with the largest support.

    BTW I am not spelling doom and Gloom for 360 as I said sales have slowed to a crawl since MSadmitted 33% of the systems have had problems and ALL 360's have a design flaw so MS put on that 3yr warranty....every day we are flooded with people wanting us to repair their 360.
    But with the price drop and games it has for 2007 I am sure sales will soon take off yet again.
  9. VolnTitan

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    Bottom line is that both machines are great. Both are the top machines for gaming graphics as far as dedicated gaming. Neither is going anywhere. This whole "my system rules, your system sucks" is silly.



    We play games, not consoles (as someone has said before).

    If you have multiple consoles, get the best version of cross platform games for you.

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