Since 1985... There has only been one QB over age 35 to win a Superbowl

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    Note the key word - endurance. Football is not an endurance sport. And before you start arguing to the contrary, the "three main physiological determinants" they use play no part in the athletic ability of a QB. If you were talking about world class marathoners, this study would support your claims. Quarterbacks, not so much.
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    Most quarterbacks in the league on any given year aren't going to win the superbowl. If you can find a quarterback that can get you there then you are in good shape. Peyton will be 36 and there are facts to show that a quarterback of that age is fully capable of getting a team to a superbowl. Elway won two past that age and as I mentioned earlier Gannon and Warner have both led their teams that past 36. If Manning gives you a chance to win a superbowl you have to sign him. You have presented no facts to show that a 36 year old qb can't or never has won a superbowl. Even if Peyton is just here for 2-3 years and Locker learns from the experience it is a win for us. Manning likely gives us a better chance at a superbowl than anything we currently have.
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    TO answer the question as to why McNair wasn't offered a lifetime contract, not to be disrespectful to him:

    1.McNair was not nearly as great as Manning was, had a career littered with injuries and probably shot full of drugs to keep him numb at game-time.

    2. We ALREADY HAD McNair, there was no need to give up the farm to get him.

    3.Bringing in McNair does not come along with the millions in revenue, and thousands of fans that Manning will bring. These fans will probably be Titans lifers if Manning finishes his career here.

    4. McNair was average AT BEST past 2003 for the Titans. It was downright depressing to go to games and watch him. No magic left in him. There were some kids above me screaming "We believe in Steve!!" but halfway through, there was no wind left in their sails. He was not worth big money at that point.

    5.McNair isn't going to be a HOFer, most likely. Manning is a shoo-in, and if he gets a few good seasons with us, your franchise will get a part of his legacy.

    McNair is one of my favorite players ever (although I was disappointed after he was killed and it was revealed that he was not as much of a stand-up guy as we thought)

    But outside of that Co-MVP season, and maybe one or 2 more seasons, he was not even remotely near the same level as Manning.

    Those are reasons you give up tons to get Manning, and not for McNair when he became a free agent.

    That's one of the worst ways to go out: Get killed, and have all your dirty laundry aired out at the same time. Shame.
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    Matt Cassel, Matt Stafford And The Importance Of A Quarterback's Endurance

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