Should the Titans trade for a CB?

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    I know I know, it's just been 2 preseason games, durrrrrr. But dont kill me for proposing this after 2 fake loses to two good teams.

    But the fact of the matter is; our Cornerbacks are going to be this teams weakness. Which is strange because I thought for sure adding the players up front, and Greg Williams would take care of that, but at the moment the CB's are looking pretty real bad. Hell even Michael Griffin has stepped up, aint that something......

    Verner is ok, but slow, McCourty is ok also, but gives up yardage, Campbell is inexperienced, and Sensabaugh is not ready to start, and could be too much a finesse guy to play every down. So that leaves us in need of a CB IMO. It was a mistake not drafting one earlier. Wreh-Wilson might be something, but same problem as Sensabaugh, too raw to rely on.

    There's really no one out there free agent wise, I checked.

    But perhaps we could call some teams and see whats up. The Seahawks come to mind, they have 3 stud CB's and maybe dont need 3 stud CB's. Thats a team Ruston Webster is familiar with, maybe they do their buddy a favor?
  2. Scarecrow

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    defensive end, is this teams weakness.
  3. The Hammer

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    SS is a bigger weakness.
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  4. RavensShallBurn

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    The Seahawks are not giving up Sherman or Browner. Not a chance in hell.

    The only other one they have is Winfield and he's too old to trade for.
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    It's obviously our secondary. Our starting safeties have significant flaws - Griffin can't tackle and is average in coverage, while Pollard can tackle and can't cover at all. Switch to CB - we have a legit #2 CB who's our #1 CB. Verner is solid, but that's it - solid. Then we have a ton of unproven young guns.

    We'll be in the bottom 5 for passing defense this year.
  6. Alzarius

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    We invested a lot in offense this off season, and did what we could on defense. I expect us to go heavy defense next year and that includes DE as well as CB if the guy we drafted doesnt show a lot of promise.
  7. The Hammer

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    Was it wise to take Justin Hunter in the second when SS and CB are such a need?
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  8. Alzarius

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    I believe so, especially if he works out.

    With Britt being a ???, and them obviously contemplating Washington salary (trade block), we needed another WR. It may not have been as big of a need as SS or CB, but I really believe that the focus was rebuilding this offense to give Locker the best chance to win this season.

    This way, hopefully, Hunter will be ready to be a start next year as it takes WR's a couple years to develop.
  9. Aqutis30

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    The problem though is that we are so heavy on the offensive side of the ball cap wise that they will have to trim a lot of it have money to make the defense better. Don't expect the draft to fix the defense next year either, so expect some sacrificing on offense next season to help make the defense better. The trailer is hitched and this is it. They sink or swim with what they got this season: an improved offense and a defense that has only shown so far that they are as bad or worse than last year. Yea I know, it's preseason.
  10. xpmar9x

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    I wonder this a lot, especially because we traded our '14 3rd also to trade up for him.

    Johnthan Banks, Jamar Taylor, or DJ Swearinger would of been a more logical pick. I really wanted DJ Swearing, whom I big fan of. Not anymore than he's on Houston however.

    Hunter still makes sense because if Britt doesn't pan out this year we're screwed. Hunter is his replacement, if Britt does step up - then we have a dynamic duo (trio with Wright).