Should the Titans trade Demarco Murray this offseason?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. The Playmaker

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    No one is going to trade us much of anything for a 29-year old RB who was starting to break down towards the end of the season. Teams also happen to know he already plays for a team that fits him the best.

    But I do think we see more of a 50/50 split next year, which is a good idea. That means a healthy and effective Murray for the last quarter of the season and we'll see what Henry can do when he actually gets some snaps.
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  2. The Playmaker

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    I will mention that to Jon Robinson when we meet for lunch tomorrow.
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    See you there, Jon says it's your turn to buy.
  4. Ontario Titan

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    I would trade Henry for a top CB and take Fournette at 5.

    @Titan Wrath ....kidding
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    He was a better running back in high school, college and he ended the season with a better average per carry, average per catch, touchdown to carry ratio, catch percentage, and he's bigger and faster, is that not enough evidence?
    We probably couldn't get enough in return for Demarco now that's why I said we should trade him to a playoff/super bowl contender when his stock was at a peak. I just don't wanna see DH spelling DM another year cause I'm telling you the guy gets better the more carries he gets, he wears defenses out with his sheer size, power and speed.
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    High school? Really?

    Some things to consider: Would he have had the same YPC if used as much as Murray? In the same situations?

    Is bigger necessarily better?

    Can Henry pick up the blitz as well? Does he know where to be on his routes?

    You got to trust the coaching staff on this stuff. Henry will get his time. I don't blame Mularkey for going with whoever is hot.

    I wanted to see Henry more but Murray was the leading rusher in the AFC this season. But there were those who wanted to see more LenDale White when CJ was the leading rusher in the league.
  7. Titan Wrath

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    When you break the national record for rushing in high school then I do believe it's worthy to note.
    I do believe Henry 's ypc would have been even better if he would have gotten more carries because like I said earlier he wears defenses down, tackling a bigger stronger faster rb will put more wear and tear on a defense and fourth quarters is where he will absolutely demoralize defenses( look at his college tape)
    Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better but if you had two identical backs but one was 10-20 lbs bigger wouldn't you choose the bigger guy in a contact sport? Size does matter.
    I have no reason to believe Henry is not good in pass protection but I couldn't give you an honest answer as to who is better in that department but I did see some poor pass blocking from Demarco early in the season and as far as route running I would say that's where Henry has been highly underrated by all scouts and GMs, if you watch his combine tape you'll see he can run precise routes and he caught every ball thrown his way which is extremely hard, that to me is where Henry amazed me because that's the part of his game I thought was lacking just off the fact they never threw to him at Bama, his catch percentage and average per catch I think prove he's highly underrated in that part of his game.
    Mularkey absolutely did not stick with the hot hand except for early in the season when Murray was doing great but when Henry showed he was the hot back Mularkey continually took him back out the game so I'm all for going with the hot hand but he didn't do that.
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    Only reason to get rid of Murray is if we take Fornette or sign Bell and neither of those things will happen
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    Henry needs better pass blocking and goes down too easy. One small DB grabs a leg and he's dropped. He has to fix that. I do believe he can catch out of the backfield.
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