Should The Titans Make A Play For AB?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Throwing the “ifs” out the window, we have one of the most accurate QBs in the league, what are you taking about? Of course bringing in AB for Mariota helps. If not Mariota directly (which he would) then Henry indirectly.
  2. Afc46

    Afc46 Oilers/Titans HoFer

    Thank you. Again someone else who gets it.
  3. Wingman

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    They had 2 or 3 wins the yr before he came. So 9-7 isn’t a complete failure
  4. ICBW

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    put this post in bold, size 40 font on the homepage
  5. abc2330

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    Or you could point to Philadelphia, LA, Houston, KC, Chicago, or hell even Cleveland now. All teams which improved after drafting a QB.
  6. bupac

    bupac Starter

    I would take AB but knowing this organization, we won't.

    I bet he'll go to KC just for the hell of it
  7. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    He's not a FA, Steelers would have to trade him.
  8. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Let’s take this 1 team at a time to see if that’s actually what happened.
    Philly - draft wentz in 16’. In 2015 they went 7-9 with an above avg offense (12 in yds/13th in pts), in 2014 and 13 they were a 10-6 with a near top offense in the league. I’d say wentz went to a pretty good situation and team, not a dumpster fire. They go 7-9 his rookie year, he has a pedestrian 16 TD, 14 int.

    LAR - Goff drafted in 16. He throws 54% accuracy, 5 TD, 7 INT. They go 4-12. They fire fisher (let’s all admit we know that’s a great move). But they also added a huge piece in 2014, Todd Gurley. Again, Goff comes in with the best RB (or at least close) in the NFL, then gets rid of a terrible coach. The new coach clearly gets this team turned around. Goff is excelling but he certainly wasn’t “the” fix.

    Houston - 3 straight 9-7 years before Watson gets drafted. They drop to 4-12, partly due to his injury but also his Defense which keeps them competitive anyway. Watson can be credited for improving a 9-7 team to 11-5. Far from a dumpster fire.

    KC- let’s pretend for a second they were even a bad team before Mahomes at 10-6, 12-4, and 11-5 the previous 3 years. They also find a stud in Kareem hunt. Mahomes is a monster so far, but they were already a good team, he may have helped put them over the top, but certainly didn’t just fix a team.

    Chicago - I’ll argue Trubisky is in the post season carried by his d this year being they are #1 in PA and 3 in yds allowed. He had 3200 yds, 24:12. His rookie year they go 5-11, he throws 59% with 7:7 TD:INT. They also got him Tyler Gabriel and Allen right robinson this past offseason. Not the sole fix of this team and clearly a D led team.

    Point is you don’t just throw QBs to dumpster fire teams and everything is fixed. Tennessee is a 9-7 team. So of those teams, Houston is the most comparable. 2 differences, we don’t have Hopkins and we don’t have Watt or Clowney. Patience and building around the QB is what is needed. I prefer building before throwing the QB in there (whether he rides the pine or isn’t on the team yet doesn’t matter to me). I never expect immediate results and neither should anyone else. QB alone is very rarely “the fix” and more often than not just sets the team up to redraft a QB in a couple years.
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  9. Titanic_Sub

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  10. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Thought about this a little more, why didn’t you bring up teams like Cincy with Dalton, the Ravens with Flacco, the lions with Stafford, the 49ers with Alex Smith, Dallas with Prescott?

    Or on the flip side, the Broncos with Tebow, the ravens with boller, the lions with Harrington, the Browns with anyone but mayfield, the titans with VY or Jake locker, maybe even Mariota, the jaguars with pick a QB, the redskins with RG3 or Cousins, the Vikings with Ponder or Bridgewater, the Chargers with leaf or even Brees, the raiders with Russell, the bills with losman, the dolphins with Tannehill, the jets with pick a QB, the Rams with Bradford, the cardinals with pick a QB?
    I’m sure we can find some more examples.
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