Should the NFL ax the trade deadline?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Practical or not, yo made an excellent point about crappy football at the end of the year. For example, SF and Cleveland have talented players and I would think they want to build on the few they have. But if they chose to unload, another 0-16 team (or two) is not just possible, but likely.

    As Titans a fan, I would probably be ok with trading the entire draft away to get players now if there it meant winning this SB.
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    The cons to me are: the teams tanking would be way more obvious and it would mess with the integrity of the game (thats what the nfl would say, even though we all know teams "tank" every year).

    The pros: teams that are competitive could replace injured players and still be competitive. It would give an opportunity to the bottom teams to move on from aging players and set up better for the future, thus making the game overall more competitive. Would also make the nfl season even more interesting.

    I like this idea, but idt the nfl will ever go for this
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    yea, but theres a higher risk than the reward.. take the 07' pats as an example. noticably unstoppable, went through a tear on the regular season and playoffs, and then hit a road block in the super bowl...

    as a titan, if we unloaded the draft to get to the super bowl - i'd be so depressed - both knowing we lost the sb... again... and that we literally have NOTHING to look forward to when end of april comes through, no first rounders, no late round gems, nothing.... all we would have would be free agency - which yes would get better for the appearance, but it also might not, seeing how players would rec. that we traded the future for the best shot.-
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    I'd prefer to be a perennial SB contender but I think being a fan of a 0 SB win team makes me more willing to take the risk. Steelers for example may not.