Should Tennessee Cut Or Keep Chris Johnson?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Sad but true.
  2. Brew City

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    What do you guys think of trading CJ and our 2nd for a top 10 pick. Could draft our qb of the future and another playmaker at 11. If we're going to cut him anyway why not use him to get us 2 1st rounders instead of a 1st and 2nd.
  3. Brew City

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    Maybe not top 10, but could def get us another 1st.
  4. Two Kings

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    No one would pay CJ 8 mil. That is the problem.
  5. A.D.

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    Nobody will trade for CJ since his salary is prohibitive. When you trade a player, his salary goes with him and nobody will want to assume his $8M base for next year.

    If another team really wants him, why should they trade a valuable draft pick for him when they can wait until after we cut him and sign him to a cheaper contract?
  6. NewHorizans

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    Couldnt the other team rework his deal? I mean Titans might get stuck with some of it for one season (like Deion Sanders used to do with all his teams). But if we can turn CJ into a better pick over just cutting him, why not? Just wish CJ wasn't so much into himself that he wouldnt rework his deal to help the team. He must know he production doesnt equal THAT much money.
  7. JimmyTitan

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    It is soooooo easy to jump off a "player bandwagon" when that one particular player is not only NOT being as productive as he started, but being paid in monster style!!!

    With Mike Munchak doing such am amazing job as the Titans offensive line coach for so many years and with so many running backs like George, Brown, Henry, White and CJ, it was so hard to imagine that with both he and Bruce Matthews running and calling all the offensive line running plays and pass protection(s), a player like Johnson barley rushed for over 1200 yds in the past three seasons at best.

    History tells us one thing about sending Titan players packing too early....they strengthen other teams and at times throughout the years, play in January when we watch them on TV in the comfort of our homes here in Nashville.

    What I'm saying is my humbled opinion, there is NO WAY that you send a player like Chris Johnson packing just yet that has not only rushed for 1000 yds in every season of his NFL and Titan career, but NEVER MISSED A SINGLE START!!! Marshal Faulk lasted a long time in the NFL and was very productive toward the twilight of his career, as will Johnson, being that he hardly EVER gets injured and hardly FUMBLES more than a few times per year at the very most...His cap number is a BIG ONE, and the front office could cut him to save the money for a younger draft pick or running back, but is there any else out there in the league or the draft with his special game breaking speed and one play ability to break a game wide open...???

    Keep him for at least this year under the new and possible right system where he can regain his old form finally and for the rest of his career.
  8. Two Kings

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    don't you mean your second man crush....
    we all know you in love with manziels
  10. Titans Insider

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    Even before Tuesday’s press conference at Saint Thomas Sports Park, I thought Titans running back Chris Johnson was a goner.

    Now, I feel even more certain.

    In answering questions from reporters while introducing new head coach Ken Whisenhunt, General Manager Ruston Webster talked with optimism about the future of quarterback Jake Locker. He said he anticipates him being in a position to win back his starting job in 2014. He’s repeated that stance in several interviews since.

    When asked about Johnson on Tuesday, however, Webster was non-committal.

    Webster’s usually tight-lipped and plays things close to the vest, but it was yet another signal the Titans are ready to move on from Johnson, even with a coach who has proven he wants to run the football.

    Let’s look at the facts here:

    –Johnson is scheduled to make $8 million in 2014. It would make him the highest paid player on the team a year after he made $10 million to run for 1,077 yards.

    –Johnson hasn’t been as productive in recent years. He averaged just 3.9 yards per carry last season, and didn’t make it over the 1,000-yard for the season until the last game.

    –Johnson told me last month he’s not taking a pay cut. He repeated that when I talked to him last week.

    –Johnson said he’d rather move on if the Titans don’t plan to use him “better”, which means feeding him the ball more.

    –The Titans signed running back Shonn Greene last season to a three-year, $10 million contract. If he would’ve stayed healthy in 2013, he would’ve had more than the 77 carries he had last year. The Titans plan to use him more, not less, moving forward.

    –One of the first things Webster said at Whisenhunt’s press conference: He wanted to change the “culture” within the team. I don’t think he wants a player who has made it clear he wants an offense tailored to satisfy him. Hey, I’m just saying.

    Put it all together and it doesn’t add up to Johnson returning to the Titans in 2014.

    Personally, I think the Titans will be hard-pressed to replace him. No, Johnson didn’t have a long, breakaway run last season, but if you ask me he’s still a dangerous threat and very capable.

    Over the years, he’s made himself available every Sunday, and practiced regularly during the week. Say what you want about him, but you can’t knock his durability and competitiveness. The Titans have swung and missed on many running backs over the years they had big plans for, as those guys flamed out.

    At some point this offseason, the light is going to go out on Johnson’s days in Tennessee.

    In my opinion, it’s not a matter of if he’s released, but when.

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