Rumor Shawn Jefferson no longer with Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Jan 5, 2014.

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    They talked with Webster today
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    Haven't seen any of that. Earlier today they haven't heard from neither Webster or Munchak. And then reporters have been speculation in HC candidates and how Munchak have let down assistants whose contracts weren't expiring.
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    I used to think that too in the beginning. That was until I started to hear the guys he was coaching singing his praises and saying how he demanded perfection/didn't accept mistakes. He was especially hard on Hunter and yet Hunter made sure to give Jefferson credit on developing him. We saw Kendall improve which probably would've happened anyways but we also saw Hunter develop really well this season. I don't coaches all the credit so I won't give them all the blame either but by the players' own admission Jefferson was a factor.
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    Well I was mostly thinking about KW. Is it possible that all the temper tantrums at Hunter were causation for him to be less confident and too hard on himself? Kendall Wright would of been like he was this season regardless and that is because he learns and manages himself well. Shawn Jefferson is a good coach if the motivational element is what's really needed to get a player to improve. Hell, Jefferson should of been coaching Munch from that aspect lol.
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    Defintely not happy they let him go...

    With that, saw a random article saying something about Shanahan as our HC... That would be AWFUL. I DO NOT WANT THAT DUDE. I'd be open to Kyle as on OC (without his dad I think he can be really good, he even said he wants to move away from his pops, made sense), but i don't want that old fart here. i'm too lazy to look for the link again and i'm definitely hoping its spec/rumor, but that would be almost a worse case scenario
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    Shanahan will get a look simply because his zone running system produces 1,000 runners everywhere he goes. I don't want him either but I'm always impressed by how he plugs in any old running back stud or scrub and the dude has a career year consistently. This organization has been clear that a solid running game is priority #1, they almost have to kick the tires on Shanahan.
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    I think I remember Hunter saying that Jefferson was mainly harping on him about doing the little things right. Hunter said he especially knew he had to work on getting in and out of breaks efficiently. The young man seemed to be benefiting.
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    Kuharsky wrote the assistant coaches have not been fired:
    "Titans assistant coaches who are still under contract have not been fired by general manager Ruston Webster. Those in town met with him as a group Monday morning to discuss their future with the team."​
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  9. Upright7

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    that is great news! let the new coach cherry pick the good coaches and send the others packing! i would keep millard and jefferson!
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    Well that is certainly good news.

    Titans Eternal you can pull your head out of the oven now.
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