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    With Colin McCarthy (concussion) sidelined for the second game in a row, fifth-year pro Tim Shaw will again play middle linebacker tonight against the Jets.

    “It’s kind of given me an opportunity to show more of what I can do,” said Shaw, who made a career best seven tackles on Dec. 2 vs. the Texans. “I think it’s gone pretty well. And my body feels good.”

    McCarthy has missed six games because of injuries. Earlier it was an ankle injury.

    Shaw, a team captain, has racked up 22 stops while playing defense. He also remains a key special teams player.

    He should be busy tonight with Jets running back Shonn Greene expected to get a lot of carries.

    Shaw has “done a good job,” coach Mike Munchak said. “Last week (vs. the Colts) it wasn’t quite as much as the week before (vs. the Texans), but this game is going to be, we assume, a big run game, so this will be a game where they’ll probably be in those kind of packages where he’ll get to play a lot.”

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    See, that's one big problem we have. The players are good one week and weak the next. There has been no consistency the entire season. I thought they would improve in that, but they haven't.
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