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    SEATTLE Quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker aren’t the only Titans back in Washington state for a homecoming here on Saturday night.

    Safety Jordan Babineaux played for the Seahawks from 2004-2010, guard Steve Hutchinson played for the Seahawks from 2001-05 and defensive coordinator Jerry Gray spent the 2010 season with Seattle.

    Several members of the team’s front office – COO Mike Reinfeldt, GM Ruston Webster and Vice President of Personnel Lake Dawson also previously worked for the Seahawks as well. So did recently hired scout Tim Ruskell.

    “It’s a great place to play, and I know I enjoyed my time there,’’ Babineaux said. “It’s a great atmosphere, and it can be a hostile environment.”

    Hasselbeck played from 2001-2010 with Seattle. Locker played at the University of Washington is from nearby Ferndale, Washington. Also, tackle Michael Roos played at Eastern Washington, and receiver Devin Aguilar played at the University of Washington.

    “I have some great memories there,’’ Hasselbeck said. “At the same time, I’m thankful for the opportunity to go back. It should be fun.”

    Locker, for one, was inundated with ticket requests for tonight’s game against the Seahawks.

    By week’s end, he quit giving out tickets, and just gave out advice.

    “I told them … it is probably better to just go on StubHub, you guys take care of it,’’ Locker said. “Because that’s a lot of tickets to try and coordinate.”

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