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    you are spot on, I was just happy they got the snap off. It's not that I didn't make the play but I wasn't 100 percent sure and when teams rush to the line like that, it seems that all they are doing is trying to prevent the D from challenging in which it was successful. ill take a first down for a sack on the next play any day
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    Just listening to 104.5 The Zone and they keep discussing how good Loggains' play calling was.

    I guess I was just looking at it narrowly. Taking into consideration the offense as a whole, maybe it did work well to set up the Steelers' D to take the pounding we provided.

    Oh well... I guess I'm wrong or jumping the gun, or something.

    To end... Jake played like an average QB - which many agreed on here that if he can do that, at the very least, we will do well. We did well yesterday.
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    Locker didn't make mistakes with the football, didn't try to force the ball which was impressive. He will learn and get better. I think he knows this season that he has to get better.
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    Harbaugh is fantastic but I think Greg Roman is the real genius behind that offense. If Munch does get canned this is the guy we need to hire as our head coach. Kaep is good, no question, but his team is incredible, especially defensively. BTW, I've never seen that many wide open receivers in any offense, they game plan so well I'd take Greg Roman right now!
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    I hate to sound negative, but it was painful watching Locker at times yesterday. I do think he managed the game well, but many of his throws were just outright terrible and inaccurate. As a first round pick with experience, he just looked nervous and lacked confidence, and they can't afford that. The running game will definitely help to balance that, but he really needs to step up and make plays if the Titans want to make the playoffs or be compeitive consistantly. Steelers D or not, I am NOT digging that performance as a whole. I am rooting for Jake to build some confidence and get better as the season progresses.
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    Honestly I'd give Locker a C- for his play yesterday as he didn't do anything to lose us the game but at the same time he made some bad throws. We need to see more improvement from him if we are going to make the playoffs
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    Not making excuses, but please remember... last year PIT was:

    Total Defense: 1st
    Points Allowed: 6th
    Passing Yards: 1st
    Rushing Yards: 2nd

    Basically the same defense, plus they invested a 1st on another OLB. Pittsburgh will be a Top-5 defense, again. I think Locker did "ok", due to who he was playing. He obviously could improve, he had multiple inaccurate throws that could of been big plays. He has Houston, Seattle, and San Fran coming up in these next few weeks - we're about to find out real quick what he's made of.

    Simple as this, Locker didn't lose us the game.. but he didn't win it either. Say PIT came back and Locker had to do a game winning drive, would you be confident in his abilities? I wouldn't.
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    Hell no I wouldn't...Thank god for Warmack and Battle.
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    I wish I could say I would be confident but in the end, no I would not be!
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    Locker only threw 20 times and 11 were caught for 55% completion. I watched at least 2 drops that would have been 13 of 20 for 65% so let's not sling the poor guy completely under the bus.