Sensabaugh vs BWW Comp

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by kenny, Aug 17, 2014.


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    No I didn't get on McCourty til 2011 when he earned the right to have fans
  2. xhrr

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    Vern was actually pretty good from the jump. He just got better each year.
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  3. kenny

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    When Verner was a rookie he got beat deep a lot. He was good at intermediate and short yardage plays, but did get beat deep. He has came a long way. To be honest though, I am still not sold on Verner. He is good, but I don't think he is elite. Obviously NFL talent evaluators agree or he would of gotten a much larger pay day then he did. He didn't really break out until he was in a contract year. Maybe I am just comparing him to players that I shouldn't. He doesn't have the size Sherman does so that's not really a fair comparison. Then again to be great he will have to overcome his size limitations. Now I am sure I am going to catch all kind of crap for saying that Verner is not elite. There were people on this board ready to pay him Sherman type $$$. The truth is, he is just there yet.

    Wow, I got way off subject. Anyway, I really hope that BWW comes around. He is a big physical CB that is in the mold of what you would want. However, if his talent doesn't catch up to his physical traits it means nothing. All that said, I hope that BWW comes around and wins this competition. I know both will be on the field, but on the outside a player with BWWs physical traits would be great if the talent catches up.
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    You're good man, no one can give you flack for calling Verner what he is. He's been good for about 2 years, and that's telling it like it is. Too bad we lost a good player, but not like he's 1 in a million
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    I agree with both of you boys on Vern. Make no mistake though, he will have a good year in Tampa with Lovie.
  6. Deuce Wayne

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    Verner has been very good since his rookie year.

    McCourty has never been good, IMO.

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    Problem with McCourty is he plays it safe, which mostly works out in his favor, but he'll never jump out at anyone as great. He's a very consistent CB, and thats hard to come by, not many CB's Id take over McCourty TBH.
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