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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ScotTitan, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    Once again, Deuce Wayne looks like a genius. :)

    Christian Ponder has been my guy IF healthy. Said he banks on the senior bowl and workouts... hopefully he can get healthy and end up on our roster.
  2. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    I've never questioned Ponder's skill but if he's injury prone what good is he? I hate injury prone players. They play well but then they tease you like Matt Stafford or Bob Sanders.

    But not a good game for Locker. Not sure I'd want him anymore. Not to say I don't think he can't be good but not at 8. It would also depend if we can get a solid veteran to start next year while he sits. Time will tell.
  3. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    I also liked Hankerson too from Miami. Reminds me of Dwayne Bowe. I remember him in the OSU game and I thought he was a tight end initially but he's a good player. I also like Dane Sanzenbacher and that's not being a homer. I hate to compare white receivers with one another but he reminds me of Brandon Stokley. Tough and quick.
  4. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    you were dead on about Ponder. He was by far the best QB of the bunch today. I had him as our pick in round 3 in my mock I did in the draft thread earlier, but Im not sure he lasts that long. The only knock on him is his injuries. Arm strength is average, but he can make all the throws. He is very accurate, is very mobile, and has zero character concerns. If he can stay healthy, I would not be shocked to see him move into the 2nd round. As Mayock pointed out, scouts had a first round grade on him before the injuries this season.
  5. ItsGonnaHurt

    ItsGonnaHurt Practice Squad

    My Observations

    # 1 - Christian Ponder (FSU)- Good show for Ponder. Ironic how he ended up finishing the game due to the South’s other QB’s dealing with injuries, since the big question mark with Ponder is his durability. Showed good throws short/intermediate. Had good mobility. While he completed the big pass to start off the game, I didn’t like how he floated the ball and it was slightly underthrown. I know he had some wind to deal with, but I think he got the most out of a defense (North) that was obviously overmatched in the first half. He threw into some pretty tight coverage (not a plus in my book), but he made the throws, so good job by Ponder today.

    # 2 – Andy Dalton (TCU)- Until he left the game, he was the most impressive for me. I wish we had gotten to see more of him. Showed a great long ball with good placement, with one glaring exception. He had a great fake to the HB for a decent run after making a great zone read. His short throws were very decent. He had quick passes with good placement. His one bad pass was a long ball to a wide open receiver that he underthrew (despite having the wind at his back). He also spent a more time in the shotgun than I think he should have. He took a bad sack (not his fault) in the second half, but I still think he played well enough to be my # 2 QB of the game.

    # 3 – Ricky Stanzi (Iowa)- Really impressive on his short throws. Did have a couple of bad misses. When pressured he tended to underthrow. He showed great mobility though. One of his few long passes came after he was able to extend the play by scrambling. Showed great poise in the pocket, and kept his eyes downfield when he had to move. He was definitely the best of the North QB’s, especially during the 1st half, when the North had little to be proud of.

    # 4 – Colin Kaepernick (Nevada)- Good showing. His first play was for a pick, but he showed great speed and kept his eyes downfield despite having room to run. This was something he was obviously trying to do. He made a point of looking for receivers while on the move. The only time his mobility failed him was when Von Miller was on the field. Good spread of snaps under center and from shotgun. Couldn’t help but notice the long wind up of his throwing motion though.

    # 5 – Jake Locker (Wash)- A tale of two halves (sort of). In the first half, he did well on the short passes. He was stripped of the ball, but the O-line failed him there. His second fumble was a result of good tackling rather than poor ball handling. As seen all week, he tended to overthrow, especially while under pressure. He needs to help his receivers more. 2nd half was much better. I had a total of 7 “good” throws and he made a concerted effort to keep his eyes downfield when he was moving. He showed some nice touch on a couple of his longer passes. He had one particularly bad throw that put his receiver in a bad spot. Announcers did a good job of addressing his footwork during the play.

    # 6 – Greg McElroy (Ala)- Failed to make the most of the best opportunity. Had more plays (before his departure) than any of the other QB’s. Sluggish mobility. He seemed to stare down his targets. He overthrew on some short throws. He was more accurate with longer passes, but was picked (negated by Defensive Offsides) on a severely underthrown ball to the end zone. He got hurt in the 2nd half when his follow through hit a teammate’s helmet. The injury had an obvious effect on his accuracy. Although he didn’t get the chance to show more, he wasn’t all that impressive.

    Overall – None of the QB’s in this year’s Senior Bowl lit up the field. But I don’t think anyone expected any these guys to be starters next year. Each has their issues, and each has stuff they need to work on. I’d like to be able to predict where/when these guys will end up, but with the number of teams who need QB’s, and the Tim Tebow phenomenon (thanks a lot Josh McDaniels) I think we’ll be guessing right up until the names are called.

    Definitely no #8 arguments here... Von Miller, on the other hand... kidnap him if you have to. He NEEDS to be a Titan. Burney (CB) should also get some attention.
  6. Raistmagic

    Raistmagic Starter

    McElroy just isn't very good. He stared down his targets at Alabama too and held the ball forever. I've never had a problem with his accuracy though; probably just nerves.

    Yeah, I liked Hankerson when I saw his build numbers. Tall, big hands and had a lot of success. He's gonna be reall good.
  7. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    I think Ponder did as well as you can expect in a situation like this. Didn't get to play a full game (affects rhythm) and not much chemistry with the receivers. And normally I'm against 2nd round QBs as so few of them succeed but with Ponder, he's got first round talent with few question marks. Problem is the injuries. If he was injury free at FSU I think he'd be a top 10 pick. After what I saw today I'd be cool with giving him a shot in the 2nd round. Problem is, will he last that long? Especially if Arizona, Cincinnati, and Buffalo go after a QB.

    But I agree no QB is starter ready right now which seems to break the trend of the last few years but there's nothing wrong with that. Every QB develops differently.
  8. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Ponder is good but he's injury prone and doesn't have that good of an arm.
  9. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    Arm strength is overrated. The best QBs in the NFL dink and dunk you to death with precision and vision. Peyton Manning can throw the ball long, but generally he tosses it 7,10,10,8,5,10,30, etc. Same with Tom Brady.

    They're rarely ever going to actually hang a ball in the air 60 yards. It's usually a deep ball of 30-40 that goes the distance after the catch.

    If Ponder can be a healthier version of Chad Pennington, I'd love that type of QB.
  10. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I was there with you Deuce Wayne, huge Ponder fan (before the Senior Bowl performance).
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