Section 215 or 312? Help!

Discussion in 'Nashville' started by ImATitan, Oct 6, 2017.

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    and the upperdeck is good but not all seats are the same...

    A-E are loge and pretty real sweet. G on are the actual upperdeck... by the time you get to like S then the view is close to what @JCBRAVE posted. Below that it gets much closer higher than that, and it goes to like KK or somethin, it get farther away

    I sit in G and I quite like my seats. All 22 strategic view that I have grown to appreciate. When I watch on TV I am like... where are the DBs and stuff.
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    I really appreciate it !! You guys have been an excellent help !!

    Really looking forward to my trip all the way from Canada !!

    #TitanUp baby