SEC over rated? BULLCRAP!

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by RollTide, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Finnegan2win

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    maurice clarett.
  2. Deuce Wayne

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    The SEC "puts out" .5 more players per draft than any other conference... and they have 1 more school than most conferences.

    .5. That's not even a whole player more than the next conference even with almost 100 more athletes.

    And since you want to talk about "BIG NAMES"...

    the SEC never has the most pro-bowlers. The ACC does.

    This year the ACC has 17 probowlers (nfl).
    The SEC has 10.
    The Big 10 has 9.

    Again, if you guys weren't fans of the SEC you may not believe all the hype you create and ESPN feeds. The gap isn't wide...
  3. World Peace

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    Boom Roasted!
    flashback to Fiesta Bowl 2007... I know the media has crowned Adrian Peterson the next Walter Peyton and Oklahoma is always ranked top 10 even though they get an easy road and alot of hype every year to a bowl game, they went against a boise state state team that got out to a multi touchdown lead against a buncha guys who are playing the NFL right now and Boise State had to throw everything including the kitchen sink at them to over come some questionable officiating in the 2nd half and still beat them. That game was not a miracle... at half time, the BCS saw that people were turning the game off, and not as much merch would be sold, so it is more profitable to lean towards certain fanbases who spend all of thier money on their universities stuff. For example, what is there to do in Gainesville, Florida, Middle of No where, Oklahoma or Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Unless you are a college kid or an alcoholic, there's not much esle to do in the middle of Bum Fudge Egypt except spend money on your school.

    In college sports, I've seen alot of talent mismanaged by bad coaching and not to mention teams that probably arent the best, but they work harder and are coached by better coachs.

    The BCS is the problem. Opposite with college basketball, because you have to play the best teams. There is incentives for winning games against good teams. At the end of the year, if you dont win your conference in basketball, and you haven't played anyone, you are left out of the dance.

    But in college football, you are rewarded for playing bad teams. Honestly, if I was one of these Florida fans who spend thousands on Season tix. I'd be upset about playing teams like the Citadel.

    Since a win is a win in college football and 6 is the magical number for many teams, there is actually incentive to load up on as many cupcake teams as possible to ensure a bowl berth of some sort, if you don't have a good season.

    The sad thing is, schools like the school I went to, Western Kentucky, bend over backwards and smile for the SEC and take their 40 point losses with pride. Maybe not the players, but the Athletic departments do. They take their $400,000.00 check to the bank and don't think twice. That's how they added on and entire half of a stadium to LT Smith Stadium. Yea, added 10,000 seats, literally another side of the stadium.


    The whole system needs to be reformed. BCS should be out of the equation.
  4. BudAdams

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    Have you seen Florida's in-conference schedule? Florida State every year

    ...and I agree.
  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Alabama's opponents:

    Troy - MTSU basically.
    Tennessee - proved to be crap.
    Kentucky - not good.
    LSU - decent.
    Arkansas - garbage.
    Mississippi State - garbage.
    Georgia - garbage.
    Vanderbilt - lol
    South Carolina - blah.
    FIU - the hell?
    Florida State - Decent.
    Alabama - Good.

    Not much worth bragging about there other than their final game- in which they were killed. IF you don't just say "Man thems is SEC teams! Even if they suck theys top quality teams there!!".
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  6. TitanJeff

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    Who had a tougher schedule in your estimation?

    All but two of those teams played in a bowl. Every team schedules a couple of creampuffs. Only Miss State and Vandy played under .500.

    If your argument is that the SEC, in general, was down last season, I would agree to an extent. But Florida State, who you say was decent, ended 7-6 and played the ACC and squeaked by teams like Maryland who MTSU beat. Florida beat FSU by 27.
  7. RollTide

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    Jeff are you listening to gloat now? 8 SEC teams played in bowl games and 6 won their bowl game including a national championship. That's a down year?
  8. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    The brain dead argument continues.

    The following teams played in a bowl game and won.

    Virginia tech

    Alabama beat them all!

    The following teams played in a bowl game.

    South Carolina

    Alabama beat them all!

    Texas was the #2 team and unbeaten. Alabama beat them!

    9 games against bowl teams and Bama won them all!

    No team, no team in the country runs that gauntlet unbeaten. Nobody except Bama!
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    If that was the case then Boise State would be national champs because they play more bad teams than any sec team.
  10. jdog

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    Anyone that tries to win an argument with stats relating to college level football might as well try and predict what kind of mood your wife will be in next week.
    The conistency is just not there.There are so many variables it boggles the mind but good luck with it.
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