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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Deuce Wayne, May 3, 2012.

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    thats cause the vast majority of college professors are arse pirates.

    Wikipedia is a fine source of information. The reason eggheads dont like it is because you dont have too be an egghead too contribute. FWIW I have never contributed to wikipedia

    as I read thur this I see Scarecrow#45 already pointed this out, he left out the part about eggheaded arse pirates though. Ignore that at your own peril
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    Actually, 10 AM. I was on a project in Marin County back in 03, and found a Sunday Ticket Bar there for Titans games. It was actually kind of cool to start the game off with breakfast and switch to beer pretty soon afterwards. The bar served breakfast until halftime on Sundays....

    And.....MNF started at 6 could party and not lose too much sleep, which was really cool.
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    Still too early.

    The best part of the year is in December when it's cold. I wake up around 11, it's still chilly so I light a fire in the fireplace, make a big breakfast and watch the pregame shows. Easily my favorite part of the year right there.
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