Seattle Away Game Just the Beginning

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Ok, so I might be the only one on here still bothered by this issue that I keep talking about it. But clearly I am not getting enough response that I had to start a new thread. I tried to do this already, but it got moved to the Schedule thread. PLEASE don't move this one. This issue is more than simply talking about another away game.

    For the first time in 10 years someone either in the main NFL scheduling office or someone working directly for Titans or Seahawks messed up with this game. I pay very good money for my season tickets and since we only get to see specific NFC teams everyone 8 years, not 2 or 4 but 8 long years. Its a big deal when they totally get the rotation wrong. Quest Field is a VERY hard place to play in. Not only is it a long roadtrip across country, but the stadium itself is one if not the loudest in the entire NFL. So I take big concern when we are being forced to play there back to back 4 year rotations between the NFC West Division.

    Plus, I am sure the Cardinal fans are upset about having to come all the way to Nashville back to back rotations when we should be playing in Arizona this season.

    I personally believe it was a mix up with whoever processes the rotations each year. The Titans are small market, so they probably thought no one would notice after the schedule had been released. But as someone who has been talking about the Seahawks coming here since 2009, I want this to be fixed. And if not, I want someone to tell me how this happend.

    If this doesnt get looked at now, what is to say this problem doesnt happen every single year? What if we NEVER get to play the Seahawks in Nashville OR they start applying it to other games. Imagine the Titans always having to play the Ravens in Baltimore?
  2. NewHorizans

    NewHorizans Titans Ruckus (oYo)

    If no one on here has any answer to why this happened. Like it was a scheduling conflicted or something. Please direct me to who I can ask that would know the answer. I have tried Tweeting the questions on Titans page. Posted it on the forum. Even sent email questions to ESPN writers without response. Do I need to contact someone at the Titans directly? Does anyone know how to post a question to the NFL itself?
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    maybe one of the cities has an event going on that weekend that needs the stadium/parking or something else and it effected the rotation. Not that big of a deal IMO, we'd lose that game either way. Rather lose it on the road.
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    I saw RavensShallBurn & GoT talking about this is another thread, maybe one of them knows why we're going to Seattle.
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    Beacuse I want you to stop whining - I did some research for you.

    via wikipedia:


    ""West Coast" modification
    Under the original 2002 formula, half of the teams scheduled to play all the AFC West clubs had to travel to both Oakland and San Diego in the same season, while half of the clubs playing the NFC West had to make their way to both San Francisco and Seattle. In years in which a division was scheduled to play both AFC and NFC West clubs, two clubs (such as the New England Patriots and New York Jets in 2008) each had to make cross-country trips to all four of the aforementioned west coast teams.
    As a result, after all of the teams had cycled through playing against each other both home and away by the end of the 2009 season, the NFL tweaked the pairings to relieve teams from having to travel to the west coast more than twice in a season. Under the modifications implemented in 2010, clubs now only have to travel to play one team based on the west coast (either Oakland or San Diego) in years they play the teams in the AFC West, and only one such team (either San Francisco or Seattle) in years they play the NFC West.[6]"

    please note cycled and by 2009 season

    So in 2009 we played:
    Week 9 @ San Fran
    Week 12 v Arizona
    Week 14 v St. Louis
    Week 17 @ Seattle

    So in under the new "west coast modification" this makes sense.

    2013 we play AFC West and NFC West;

    Week 3 v San Diego
    Week 5 v KC
    Week 6 @ Seattle
    Week 7 v San Fran
    Week 9 @ St. Louis
    Week 12 @ Oakland
    Week 14 @ Denver
    Week 15 v Arizona

    So it's basically because of the scheduling quirk of us playing the AFC west and NFC west together and with total distance traveled.

    If you did a simple google search you would have come accross this.
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    I was definitely the first one to bring this up... months ago and the night they released the schedule.

    I am equally as bothered by it. I have compared other teams (Ravens and Steelers) to see if the NFL is at least giving them the same treatment. Nope... They each played the NFC North that season. The teams they played at home in 2009 they will play away in 2013 and vice versa. That's the way it's supposed to be.

    Inconsistent turds.
  9. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Makes sense now.

    Still not completely happy with it. They could've spaced the games out and made it work. Seattle is further west than Phoenix anyways.
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    Another question, why does every single site has us drafting #40... we should be #39, right?
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