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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Dec 31, 2012.

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    My game review and some points that stood out to me against the Jags:
    • Zach - Just is a beast right now! More convinced then ever if CMAC can figure out his damn health, we have a stellar group going forward when you throw in Ayers.
    • ATV vs JMAC - Most of the year, ATV has been the better CB. Today, that was not the case, JMAC was excellent. And as for ATV, he got beat more than once... JCBRAVE we don't disagree too much usually, but we have had our differences on who's the better CB and yesterday it was JMAC - ill give you that..
    • Morgan - This guy is going to explode next year if he stays injury free and Gary can put a proper scheme together where 'quick-out' receivers are not open 80% of the time. DM's bull rush and spin move were on display today and he used them well again. But, he did gave up more runs to his side early on than I liked.
    • Jerry - Stop leaving our damn CBs on islands!! Get those F'in safties down to help out. Also, do something so that our D isn't flaking around pre-snap seemingly not knowing WTF is called or what they are supposed to do. Early on, that was happening A LOT and we were getting gutted. When they settled down and starting disguising coverage, some good things started happening.
    • O-Playcalling - In a damn game where your trying to develop your QB and also see what you got, we did not throw the ball nearly enough today - especially since the offense didn't see the field for such a long stretch. I really wanted to see more outa Jake (not just 15 throws, again I don't care what the score was). They also kept CJ in there for too long and twice almost paid the price with injury. I do like the idea of getting the guy 20 carries a game (really increases the chance he'll break one and also means we're not getting blown out which is great), but again, not here. Oh and +1 to whoever (Obie09??) said he'd get 20 carries for 60 (as at one point i remember it saying 20 for 57).
    • Jake - I've hated on him a lot this year, and while he made some strides today, he was still very inaccurate. After that first drive, he sucked hard and D/ST covered it up well. He still looks to run too often. If he doesn't throw it and throw it well (and receivers gotta catch it too), then D's will have him figured out and we will have problems next year regardless. They REALLY need to focus on developing this kid or else it won't bode well for us.
    • It shouldn't take 4 TDs from D/ST to win games, which without, I don't see us winning. It seems like on every win, we need epic help from those units. While they definitely need to do their part and be consistent week in and week out, we can't hinge on them scoring 14+ points to win games...
    • Tommie - I liked what I saw from him on D. I think he coulda played well had he been given a chance on the outside - he's tall, he's fast, and he looked better at coverage than I thought he'd be. That woulda also allowed ATV to move inside on 3CB sets (ala Finny last year) where I think he could really excel and also help us out in stopping the run.

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  3. titan_fan_4ever

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    hahahhahahahahahha u changed the pic brother...

    i initially was going to say:

    'white ppl just cant dance....'
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    Locker - Needs to develop a ton. Still young. No coaches. Inaccurate. Personally I have zero faith in Locker right now. Still can progress, but didn't at all this year.

    CJ - Put together a good season after a terrible start and a crappy OL.

    Receivers - Nate had an OK year. Cook has too many drops. Brittles knees held him back. Kendall can't get 10+ yards on a reception. Overall not bad for below average QB play.

    OL - Terrible. Roos and Stewart took a step back. Hutchinson needs to retire. Velasco had a pretty good year. Amano im sure still sucks. Harris is our worst OL, and better not be back next year. We need a new guard (replacing Hutch) and either a C/G (Velasco gets other starting spot).

    DL - Morgan & Casey put together a decent season. Martin impressed me for a rookie. Marks, ehhh... contract year and did good, what about all those other years? Klug barely played. Wimbley got paid to much. Depth is much needed as well as a true playmaker on DL.

    LB - McCarthy can't stay healthy. Brown & Ayers are monsters. No depth. Replacement ILB may be needed, can't trust McCarthy.

    CB - ATV & J-Mac had good years. ATV started to slip at the end, he's better suited for the slot. A true outside CB is needed, FA CB would be nice. Coty/TC can provide solid #4/#5 depth.

    S - Babs must be off this team. Griffin will likely be here, thanks to his contract. We need a new starting SS stat.

    Coaching - If Munch stays Loggains/Gray MUST go, neither our worthy for another year. I prefer a new coaching staff completely.

    We got a top-10 pick, all our draft picks, and a ton of money. Lets use it wisely.
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    1) Blackmon is for real.
    2) Not having Babs on the field is nice.
    3) Al Awfulwaffle isn't the answer.
    4) Locker made a few nice throws early. The first 3rd down to Nate, the long ball to Hawk, and the long ball to Washington.
    5) Why in the heck do we keep running CJ short yardage? Mooney looked decent. I would have liked to see him with 3 TE's, a FB, and no apologies.
    6) The line is terrible. If we took Warmack/Warford 1-2, I wouldn't complain.
    7) Lots of promising things on D, need to figure out how to put it all together. Do that and add a few pieces and I think we could be a top 10 defense. Next year.
    8) Reynaud confuses me.
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    "Al Awfulwaffle" lmao

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    Tommie Campbell is still 5-6 games away from being anything good at CB.

    Sure he's long and fast, but his head's just not there quite yet. But that should come with another off season and a few games under his belt.

    IDK if Coty is the answer either, but hey, we're finally done with Ryan Mouton, his contract is up!
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