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Discussion in 'Nashville' started by 12thmanfan, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. 12thmanfan

    12thmanfan Camp Fodder

    Greetings Titan fans first off I want to say I come in peace. I'm not here to cause any trouble. I need some help from Titan fans that actually live in Nashville or Suburbs or someone that knows the area really well.

    Im gonna make this short and quick. Every year for the last 5 seasons my wife and I choose a road game to travel to ans this year we chose the Titans. It was a no brainer just like NOLA last year. Thousands of 12's will be coming to your city and with that comes lodging. We haven't booked a hotel yet even though this has been planned since the schedule release. At that time we weren't aware of BAMA playing Vandy that weekend too, thus making hotel pricing insanely expensive. My question for those that can help, is Brentwood area very far from the stadium and downtown area ? I found this hotel called Four Points by a sheraton, looks pretty nice and the price is great but just not sure if it would be to far away from all the things Nashville have to offer as far as the entertainment scene downtown. We can afford to book downtown but would prefer to save a little money.

    So if any of you don't mind helping me out give me a little advice I would definitely appreciate it.
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  2. JR1980

    JR1980 Pro Bowler

    Welcome to the site man...Many of us live all over the U.S. here, but I do know a few members on here that live in Nashville. I'll ask for you as well.
  3. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    I loved my stay at Holiday Inn-Vanderbilt but I imagine that's expensive
  4. TheBisco

    TheBisco Pro Bowler

    Hahahaha yall really refer to yourselves as "12s?" Good God that is lame. I hope you "12s" come by the tens of thousands, it will be even more fun than the Green Bay game last year.
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  5. Aqutis30

    Aqutis30 Do you mind - NOT being a Motaur?

    The hotels if they are not already booked in the major Nashville area will be super expensive, especially downtown. My recommendation is to look at hotels on the outlying areas such as Donelson near the airport or Mt. Juliet (10-15 minute drive to downtown).
  6. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    Don't know that hotel in particular, but anything in Brentwood is bound to be nice. Really good restaurants in that area. It's a really nice area.

    And no, it isn't a far drive, but it is a drive. And with that comes parking. If you really want the experience of downtown Nashville, you'd be better off biting the bullet, booking downtown, and walking around. If you don't plan on spending much time downtown, driving in from Brentwood a time or two would be fine.

    Also.. 12s.

  7. dtm586

    dtm586 The Master Jedi

    I'm traveling from Cali to Nashville as well in a few months so I'm interested to hear some good food hang outs. Already got our hotel but when I travel to places (Portland last year for their great food) I want good food spots; as well as cool hang-out breweries.
    (Some kid friendly places as well)

    Also where do the Titans normally mingle? Family who live near there say Tin Roof sometimes.

    Already done some quick research and here's some mouth watering places I've found - anyone been to them or have other recommendations? Figured this topic would be the place to post this if any..

    Tin Roof, Martins BBQ, Peg Leg Porker, Hattie Bs Chicken, Tequilla Cowboy, Mission BBQ, Biscuit Love ...

    Courtesy of Yelp:
    IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0755.JPG IMG_0807.JPG
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  8. VondyP

    VondyP Undisputed 2QBeaver Champion

    went there last year... would not suggest.

    the place itself is great. the upstairs has an amazing bar area and all kinds of stuff for entertainment.

    the food is okay but I hated the bbq sauce and it really ruined it for me. kinda watery and not thick like you would expect a bbq sauce to be.
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  9. VondyP

    VondyP Undisputed 2QBeaver Champion

    I come from Ohio once a year to Nashville and we always use AirBNB or HomeAway. Just rent something like 20 minutes outside of town and use Uber to get to the game/downtown area. Wayyyyyyyyy cheaper this way and as long as you don't choose the absolute cheapest option they are usually very nice places to stay. I'll be staying in someones guest house this year for the Colts MNF game.
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  10. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    Brentwood IS far from the stadium and downtown, IMO. Yes you can uber or lyft from bwood to downtown but it'll be 20 minutes or so with light traffic.
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