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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FormerMrs27, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. FormerMrs27

    FormerMrs27 Guest

    I'm going to the game Sunday!! We are in section 141 Row M. Does anyone have seats close by? I'd like to meet some of you. :))
  2. FormerMrs27

    FormerMrs27 Guest

    Oh yeeeeah.....

    Jumbotron.....2 times!! :) A friend of mine got a few pictures of me on the jumbotron...I'll post them when he emails them to me. Did anyone see me on TV? There were like 5 cameras filming in front of me...I'm not sure if they were network or not...just curious if I made it on TV.
  3. Hard Hitter 53

    Hard Hitter 53 Camp Fodder

    It would have been on FOX I saw you on the way out......
  4. FormerMrs27

    FormerMrs27 Guest

    You saw me walking out of the stadium....or you saw me on the jumbotron while you were walking out of the stadium?
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