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    Coach Mike Munchak is keeping players and his staff on their toes during minicamp, which began today and runs through Thursday.

    As opposed to previous years, the Titans will be working without a scripted set of plays. That more closely resembles game conditions, instead of the coordinators and the players knowing in advance what plays they’ll be working on during offense vs. defense drills.

    “We talked a little bit when last season ended and during the offseason about doing more of that,” Munchak said. “That’s as good for the coaches as it is for anybody. It makes them have to think, and they have to talk to each other and not be able to pre-plan everything we’re doing out here scripting-wise.

    “To me, this is the best thing we can do. You can’t tackle … so this is as close you can get to playing real football, at least mentally.”

    Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray enjoyed the mental challenge of the change of pace.

    “You’ve got to make the call from what you’re looking at and what you’re thinking, what they’re going to do to you,” Gray said. “That’s how the game is. You really don’t know what they’re going to give you in a game situation. You’re really making adjustments in how you’re going to call your game. So to me it is only going to make us better coaches.”

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  2. NewHorizans

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    Sounds good to me. Anything to make sure we win some games next season
  3. The Hammer

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    God the off season sucks
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