Schwenke to start this Sunday vs 49ers

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    I know it was a while back in this thread, but whoever said that Schwenke was small was completely incorrect. Munchak said on the radio today that he's bigger than Warmack. I looked at their official size and weight and Schwenke is 6-3 318, and Warmack is 6'2 323. So basically our center is now the same size as our guard, which is good.

    Rob Turner is listed at 308, which there is no way that's right. I'd be surprised if in reality he's anywhere over 275.
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    was deucewayne i be live
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    A knock on him was being "undersized". He's apparently added some weight.

    I didn't make it up.
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    a that's for sure too
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    I was the first to dispute your claim of him being small but after further review I see why you said that. I was watching some of his senior bowl tape and heard Mayock say that he was known as an athletic undersized center who weighed about 305 at the time. Mayock also stated that he had shorter arms than you'd like.Because he was small, Mayock was impressed with just how well he anchored on his blocks. That's probably where you heard it. After watching that senior bowl tape I ALMOST wish we had taken Warford cause his chemistry with Schwenke was beautiful. Those two dominated that side of the line. I think Gilleslee should send them some kind of gift cause they made him look really good that day.

    He was dominating people at 305 so I can't wait to see what he can do damn near 25 lbs heavier (although I'm not sure those were a "good" 25 lbs since he gained them so fast). I think the kid will be just fine, his ability to anchor and reach the second level are pretty damn good. Like Chance though, he seems to struggle making blocks in space. Can't be worse than Turner though.
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    I just hope in the shotgun he remembers our QBs aren't 7+ ft tall....because apparently Turner kept forgetting with some of those snaps.
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    even if true you didnt bother too look at him
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    Yeah, he is a good guy. I hope he makes a big difference for us.
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    Being a CAL fan, i know we make alot of the better players in the NFL. Though in college we suck as a team. Schwenke plays like a mauler. He is what we need on our line=, specially in the middle. Warmack will grow more as he plays more. Him and Schwenke will keep our run game going for years if they are heathly. Schwenkes problem though is sometimes his technique is a little sloppy. He likes to throw his body into the DT and sometimes gets beat by bad footwork. But he opens up space for runs to go thru. AGAINST the NINERS, CJ had big holes we havent seen before. We may not of kept running, but if we did, CJ would of Avg'd above 4 a carry. And doing that against the Niners says something.

    A bad center can kill a run game. When we had Mawae, our run game was on point. When he left, it went downhill. Now we have a young center, a steal in the 4th round. A young guard in Warmack, and Andy is still young so our interior line looks to be good for the future. The best tackle duo in the NFL for the past few years is now starting to slow down. So if we can fix that after this year, our oline looks to be strong in the future.