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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>One thought and a six pack of notes on the AFC South schedules after nearly a day to digest them:</p> <p><strong>The thought: </strong>I understand there are all sorts of complications to scheduling, but there should be a rule that division teams cannot face each other twice inside the same month. Houston and Indianapolis play their season series in a span of 21 days while Tennessee and Jacksonville play twice in 28 days. Rematches need to be spaced further apart because teams can be completely different in different stretches of the season.</p> <p>The second Colts-Titans game is eight weeks from the first, the second Texans-Titans game is nine weeks from the first, the second Jaguars-Texans game is 10 weeks from the first and the second Colts-Jaguars game is 14 weeks from the first. That's more like it.</p> <p><strong>1)</strong> The Titans play three of their final four at home. The Colts, Jaguars and Texans all play two at home and two on the road in the final month.</p> <p>From 2002 through 2009, the Titans have 19 of 32 games (59 percent) in the last month of the regular season at home. According to ESPN Stats and Information, that's the most of any team in the league.</p> <p>Since 2002, teams that finished with three of four on the road actually fared a bit better playoff-wise (54.5 percent) than teams that finished with three of four at home (45.5 percent).</p> <p><strong>2)</strong> According to ESPN Stats and Information, the Jaguars are one of three teams with the hardest first quarter in the NFL. Like the Cowboys and Falcons, the Jaguars face four opponents with a combined 2008 winning percentage of .641.</p> <p><strong>3)</strong> The Rams will become the last NFL team to make its first visit to Jacksonville while the Jaguars will make their first regular season trip to San Francisco.</p> <p><strong>4)</strong> Jacksonville won't play in a domed stadium for only the second time (1997 was the first), but the Jaguars have two games in retractable roof stadiums in their division - Indianapolis and Houston. Those two games are in the season's first three weeks, so the Jaguars may not play an indoor game all season.</p> <p><strong>5)</strong> The Titans' game in Seattle will be their first at Qwest Field, while Arizona will become the last team in the NFL to play at LP Field for the first time. First timers are 7-23 in the building.</p> <p><strong>6)</strong> Indianapolis opens at home for the third year in a row. Before that the Colts played their first regular season game on the road for seven straight seasons.</p>

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