Scaife: "Locker room divided, VY doesn't feel welcome"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanfan77, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Titans Blue

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    Yeah I am dissapointed in VY from that aspect, he should be at all team meetings. I agree with you, we dont need KFC on the field at all, I am the same with keeping him off the field. From MY perspective, I felt fisher went off the trainers and should have asked vince himself how he felt, IDK if he did, and I dont know what was said but from VY's reaction, he seemed like wanted to play and frustrated that he wasnt allowed back in. While I don't agree with how vince reacted to the whole situation, I think Fisher handled it wrong and should have put VY back in the game. Again this is from MY perspective, I am not on the sidelines, I dont know what the real situation was and what was said and told to who so I go off of reactions from VY, Fisher, and the players. All i hope for is something to come of this that will make the team better for next year, which I doubt will happen
  2. Waylander

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    So after all the BS in this thread can everyone agree that Vince is an immature talented winner, without leadership qualities and move the on? The truth is the truth...
  3. Ai2Ai

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    Right now yes, but if given the chance I that'll change.
  4. GoT

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    lol - which part?
  5. 4realz

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    I tell you what, everyone here afrees pretty much 100% that Fisher is a real turd in all of this. It looks like it's close to half the fans are either against or for VY. Most feel VY is inmature. But half feel like it's his fault the other half feels it's a cause and affect. So why not wait to see how VY will do when he has 100% support from his new coach. If VY does it again then I'm with you on VY. I want to see how well VY will do with the coach giving him a chance with full confidence in his QB.

    If I slapped you, do I have the right to call you a cry baby if you get defensive or slap back? Almost everything that has happened bad to VY can be contributed to Jeff Fisher. If Fisher kept his mouth shut about anything VY, would the media have reported non-issue things like shoulder pads in the crowd? Fisher is the king at playing the media. Hell, he even signed Chris Mortensen's son to a contract when Chris is son was the 3 stringer at a small college. He knows how to play the game and put myths out there.
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    The way I see it the only way to not blame VY for this whole pile of manure is to make up some fantasy that VY is somehow the victim. While doing so you have to put Fisher completely out of character since he is loyal to a fault and had a QB here before that he let play numerous times while injured.

    The facts are VY left three games this year because of injury. His prep for the Pitt game was questionable and he was playing awful. He came back from the ankle injury too early against SD and with little or no contact and crumbled to the ground. Even after a bye week he is gimpy during prep week so Fisher decides to sit him another week so he can have him healthy down the stretch. In the Houston game VY hurts his thumb and Fisher is told he can't control the ball. A QB with a bad thumb is going to have a hard time throwing and not fumbling. Then throw in VY's antics that were way out of line. Attitude, injury and mental breakdown. That is it in a nutshell.
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  7. Alex1939

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    you are insane if you think Fisher is blameless for this season.
  8. titanfan77

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    This is a new one. Faulting him because he wanted to play injured.
  9. 4realz

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    This is such BS. This came from Fisher. He only threw this out after the fact. It was pointed out that 6 QB's that same week threw the same amount of INT's or more and none were pulled out of their game but VY who was leading the NFL in passer rating got benched. Then out of now where Fisher claims VY was late to team meetings that week. When are the blind going to stop following that idiot? VY should get the benefit of doubt until we see how he acts when he has a coach that is 100% behind him instead of Fisher who is 0% and lying out his every chance he gets about VY.

    Some what to dismiss the passer ratings due to attempts. But you don't lead the best of the best for any weeks in the NFL if you suck. PERIOD!
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  10. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    "Locker room divided, VY doesn't feel welcome"

    That's the problem with VY. He "feels" too much.

    If VY would have just accepted his circumstance when he tore the tendon in his hand and went and had a seat and kept his composure, like a man, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. I can accept the argument and criticism that Fisher needs to be able to control his player and get a handle on him but my God, VY is an overly emotional train wreck. Fisher shouldn't have to deal with a guy that is that high maintenance.

    I'm not talking about the injury either. I'm talking about his emotions. VY doesn't have a handle on himself. His hand is tore up. He can't play anyways. He had to have surgery for Pete's sake. It's an 8 week recovery time. He's on IR because he's injured. I keep seeing this idea that that Fisher put an otherwise healthy VY on IR in order to get rid of him. That's ridiculous.

    If VY says he doesn't feel welcome it should be because he's ashamed and embarrassed of the way he conducted himself.
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