Safety switch doesn’t slow Lions’ offense

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    Here are some interesting snap-count tidbits from the Titans’ 44-41 overtime win over Detroit on Sunday:

    • The clearest sign of change was at safety, where Jordan Babineaux returned as a starter, pushing Robert Johnson to the bench. Babineaux, who had a combined 31 snaps over the first two weeks, was in for 96 — every defensive snap — on Sunday. Johnson, who’d played a combined 141 snaps over the first two weeks, was in for just 18 on Sunday. The move was one many Titans fans had been clamoring for, but it’s hard to say it made a difference based on just one week. With both safeties playing very deep because of the Calvin Johnson threat, Lions quarterbacks Matt Stafford and Shaun Hill tore up the Titans primarily with short- and mid-range passes, piling up 450 yards, three touchdowns and a combined passer rating of 118.9. Overall, the Lions piled up 583 yards of offense and averaged 6.3 yards per play.
    • Wide receiver Kenny Britt got 37 snaps, which was almost double what he had in his first game back against San Diego. Britt would have had even more snaps, but he sprained an ankle toward the end of the contest. Britt did not have a walking boot on in the locker room following the game and did not think the injury was a serious one.
    • Tight end Craig Stevens came through in a big way after Jared Cook left the game in the first half with a shoulder injury. Stevens, who’d had only 25 combined snaps over the first two games, was on the field against Detroit for 49 of the team’s 63 offensive snaps. He recorded career highs of five catches and 63 yards.
    • Rookie cornerback Coty Sensabaugh continues to see more action, as he was in the game for 13 snaps on Sunday, after getting a combined six in the first two weeks. Meanwhile, Tommie Campbell, who was in the running for the third cornerback spot during training camp, still has yet to record his first defensive snap of the season.

    Source: Titans Insider
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