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    Actually he's nothing like Gabbert. I'm not an aggie fan AT ALL but Tannehill really is a special football player. He's a beast of an athlete. Strong arm, is mobile and is very tough. He played WR for 2 seasons and was really damn good. They moved him back to QB during his junior year and has been just as good of a QB as he was a WR.

    A&M just hasn't been a very good team but don't let that fool you because Tannehill is legit. He's right behind Luck and RGIII for good reason. I'd even argue that he's a faster, tougher, and more athletic version of Luck. The Dolphins would be smart to take him @ #8 if they're serious about getting themselves a QB. This guys can flat out play football and he loves the game. He's gonna be a really good QB in this league.
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    Matt Lienart would've been the first pic had he come out a year early. And he was a WAY more accomplished and polished quarterback then Locker coming out of college. Turned out to suck. What I'm saying is from year to year a prospect draft level fluctuates. A QB that isn't ready to play from the start of the season, has a hard time passing from the pocket, and has a issue of injury programs from a program that doesn't win much is often a second round pick more so then a first based on his potential

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    Did a general manager tell you he'd take Matt Lienart? Cause thats the case with Jake Locker to St. Louis.
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    If I were the Browns or the Dolphins, I'd trade a 2nd to NE for Mallett before I burned a first on this kid.
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    He's going to the Dolphins at #8. So yes, he's a top 10 pick.

    Doesn't mean he's worthy of it or that he'll be any good. I think he'll suck.

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    Miami needs a few players before they're competing again for anything, taking a guy whos 1.) worse than the QB they already have doesn't get you closer, and 2.) who's he going to throw to?

    He's not a special player, might be good some day, but you can say the same for 6 other QB's every year. I personally don't see why they'd want him at 8. Who else is going to take a QB after they pick and before they pick in the 2nd? No one if you ask me. he should be there later if he's their guy.

    Titans sure would benefit from Miami wasting their 1st pick on a QB. Would leave a DE for us to pick from.
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    I think that ANY quarterback is a gamble, and Tannehill is more of a gamble than most top-10'ish guys, but...

    ...he is a great athlete, he is smart, he has a great arm, and his mechanics are decent. He started 20 games at quarterback and he played at a high level (higher than Gabbert or Locker in college), so it isn't like you are drafting a total novice. I kinda see him as an Alex Smith type.
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    I honestly believe that Tannehill is gonna be a solid pro. He's a hard working kid and he is just an all around great football player.

    I wouldn't compare him to Gabbert at all. Gabbert's hype was unwarranted. Tannehill's isn't.
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    Ridiculous how a need sky rockets up draft boards like that. Thankfully we don't need a QB this year. If we did I would wanna be at 1 or 2 because they are head over hills better than any QB from last years draft, but other than them .... not much to say. Cleveland needs to take best skill available. Take Richardson at 4 and best WR at 22. No need for a QB at either of those picks. Don't take Tannehill unless you can get him in the 2nd. Either Weeden or Tannehill are the ones I would want in the 2nd.