Ryan Fitzpatrick has been as good as Locker this season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TheSureThing, Nov 15, 2013.

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    It usually also means more running lanes for an athlete like Locker. That's a part of his game, like it or not, hes just gotta get rid of the cowboy act. Pick his battles wisely and get down or out of bounds when he uses that aspect of his game. Locker has also shown an ability to manage a fast pace too, when hes been asked to. I feel like when Jake has been healthy, he has been somewhat handcuffed. JMO.
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    Like it or not, there is a business aspect to this. You keep Jake next season for pretty cheap. If you wanna draft a QB for him to compete with, so be it. Its not as expensive as it used to be. If Jake proves he can stay healthy and plays the way I believe he can, you extend him and either groom the young QB or one of the QBs become trade bait. JMO
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    Their mistake. And 4-9 with that team was impressive. What I liked about his short stint as HC is how he handled the offense. He scrapped Juraun's ultra conservative offense and altered it to take advantage of team strengths and minimize the weaknesses.
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    Sorry if I dont sing a guy his praises after one decent game(in a loss).

    Especially seeing how he hasn't won us a game yet and has lost most of them he has played in himself.

    I'll give it to you he hasn't been much worse than Locker, but we have to go QB in the draft.
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    In the 9 games that Fewell was head coach of the Bills they averaged 16.1 points a game the same they averaged in the first 7. We blew them out 41-17.

    If anything the defense might have gotten worse in those 9 games.
  7. RTH

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    It does make you wonder who Fewell would hire on to run his defense... a big part of being Head Coach is delegating to your other coaches. That's where Munch has failed miserably. Some of it his fault, some not so much. So, who would Fewell bring with him or want to bring aboard?
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