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    So if we don't get "talent" next year, we still won't have any indication/idea of how Munchak is as a HC? You don't need the AFC pro bowl team out there to get an indication about the head coach. You don't like the SF analogy, what about Seattle? Instantly Pete Carrol and Jim Harbaugh had their players, that were already there, playing to their abilities, playing tough, physically and with an uncommon energy out on the football field. They established an identity and a new culture about their respective teams......the right mentality can go a long way, even for a team that doesn't have many pro bowlers.

    There are things a coach can immediately instill that will show up on the field as a positive sign. I've not seen that positive sign from Munchak.
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    Okay, lets use Seattle

    2009, 5-11. Carroll came and they went 7-9, then 7-9 the following year, and they draft a good QB, and go 11-5 in his THIRD year. Instantly? Carrol improved their winning by 2 games a year for 2 seasons, until he got a QB. Im stressing again, his 3rd season.

    Carroll's first 2 seasons record? 14 wins, 18 losses. Munchs? 15-17. No, Im not saying Munch is better than Carroll.

    If Carrolls uncommon energy cant produce a better record than Munch, with better circumstances, am I really supposed to be impressed? Since you are using Carroll, why dont we give Munch the same amount of time to see what he can do because Carroll didnt make them contenders, until his 3rd season.

    I would go through roster turnovers and compare the two but I dont think thats the point you are getting at, or the point we are arguing about.

    If you are talking about their defense, no doubt..... huge improvement. The point isnt to say Munch is good, the point is Carroll didnt improve his record until his 3rd year, which is what Im giving Munch.I will agree with you, I have not seen a positive sign out of Munch either, other than the fact that he is a hell of a lot different than Fisher who would play someone no matter how good or bad they played. Munch benches people. however thats still a stretch to find a positive sign.

    Just to reiterate, my goal isnt to defend Munch and Im not saying he is doing a good job. Im simply saying 3 years considering the pieces we had in place.
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    The Seahawks 7-9 records are deceiving. They were a very competitive team both of those seasons. And obviously they won that playoff game against the Saints.

    Now they are becoming one of the league's best teams and if they can have a solid free agency and draft, I see no reason they can't win it all next year.

    Wilson is going to be a top 5 QB in two years.
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    As much as I like Coach Munchak and want him to succeed, I cannot argue this point at all. He just hasn't wowed me with his great coaching ability. He has been more upfront when he speaks compared to Fisherspeak and is willing to let the young guys play but he hasn't showed that he has great power to get his troops ready for battle.
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    Everyone said that about Josh Freeman too. Just a flavor of the month QB I believe. Saying he will be even a top 10 QB is a bold prediction.
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    hell be top 8. now thats a bold prediction,
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    I think Munchak and Carrol both took over pretty bad teams. And with Carrol, I really wasn't alluding to the record, as much as the direction, mentality, and culture he established from day one, and the same with Harbaugh. And if that's happening, you then know that the coach is providing something valuable to the team.

    But with the record, without even watching the team on the field, you can see improvement as time goes along. Meanwhile, we've seen this team regress as time moves along. I understand the three year time frame, I wish we would've moved on after this year, but that decision has been made.....I really think the reality is, it's playoffs or bust for Munch, and it should be. But I've seen nothing from him to date....there's going to have to be a whole lot of something's between now and next January.
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    I find it funny that the people defending Munch's 3rd year always seem to go out of their way to clarify that "they're not really defending Munch" and/or "don't even think he's very good". And I find it sad that after 2 full years I've yet to come across a single fan who is convinced at this point that Munch is the right man for the job. That's very telling if you ask me. You'd think after two years he'd have at least won over a small segment of fans. But it seems all Munch has to hang his hat on is a pile of excuses and "what if" scenarios.
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    I am not happy with the direction of the team because I don't think we have a clear direction and I blame Munch. That being the the case I still think it is the right move to give him a 3rd year. Let him and Locker both prove themselves this year. If we under achieve again then we will be looking for a new coach and new QB. I think it is a good scenario when the coach gets to pick his QB. Hopefully Munch and Locker surprise us all and next year and make big strides.
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    You blame the coaches over the players???