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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titantrusince82, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Lol... Y'all reading way into that statement about munchak... Like any team, it's a compound of People collectively doing stuff... No one person rules over... Unless its fisher.. And **** that. Chill people. The one dude you should have a tad bit of faith in is Webster... Dudes put up solid drafts... He got this.
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  2. SlidePiece

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    It's not Munchak's fault that we have no identity because we are a bad team? What exactly does Munchak do again?

    Has Munchak been going to Ruston saying "Look, I know exactly what I want to do with this team, but I can't do any of it with these horrible players, so we are going to wonder aimlessly until I get those great players. I will not reveal any of my plan until then."

    I would assume Munchak, since he is the HC, has been heavely involved in the decision making process during these past two offseasons. I don't think Ruston would deny Munchak's wishes when it comes to players in FA or the draft. The level of play on the field is the HC's responsibility. IMO, Ruston and his draft classes are the best thing this team has going for it.
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  3. Riverman

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    What a bunch of "soft-ball" questions! I certainly didn't gain any confidence or insight that the this organization has a plan or the leadership to be better than what we saw last year.
  4. Alex1939

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    Guess you'll be rooting for the Titans to lose every game next year? Cause you are a "real fan"?
  5. The Hammer

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    I got your idendity right here (remember, just having an idendity in of itself is not always a positive);




  6. SawdustMan

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    "We can't be that bad, can we?"
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  7. Alzarius

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    Its almost like you think the GM works for the coach, instead of the other way around. Or that MM writes the contracts and decides who stays and goes.

    Conversation between Buds assistant and Munch

    BA "You know coach, Bud is mad, you are fighting for your job here"

    MM "Ya think? However fyi, I hope he understands I am making the moves I make because it is my job, not because of the fear of losing it. Kind of like the rest of the world does"

    BA "well munch, this team has no identity, which direction are we headed? We need an identity"

    MM "See heres the thing, I inherited this team in shambles, drafted a project QBOTF, a horrible defense that lost its only leader (for some reason.................), was hired so late that I have no decent coordinators so I picked up dumb and dumber"


    MM "no, I kept dumb. I basically know my boss is an old senile fart, and know that next year is key for me and franchise. The idea of getting rid of a coach who has proven to be successful in the past with the right parts, is a better idea than bringing someone in and starting all over with a new system. On top of that" (cut off again)

    BA "Well you can use the FA to go get these players and build your identity"

    MM "like last season, when we went after the two best centers available, and were handicapped by Buds PM boner? Speaking of which, did I decide they couldnt come here or was that the front office? We looked at some DB's too. Anyways... Regardless of this, we sitll went out and got the 2nd best pass rusher available, which was a big need. So its not like we are not trying here"

    BA "Dude, you kept Griffin"


    BA "You dont show enough emotion on the sidelines, and you look lost"

    MM "Well Adams looks like he died 3 years ago, so much for what looks mean. By the way, is that REALLY what you have left??"

    Edit: I LOL'd to post this then see someone posting pictures of Munch on the sidelines.

    BA "You need to do better"

    MM "Im doing my best, its not my fault Im still here, Its Adams. He can fire me at any point"

    BA "but he doesn't wanna"

    MM "well then do what every other level headed person in the world is doing, and give me next season so we can see if the QB that your boy, that you just fired, picked out to lead us into the future can even learn how to be worth a damn. I have my staff, were not in a shortened offseason, and are going into a free agency period that can allow us to dramatically improve this team. Lets see what I do this offseason, I mean I am not going anywhere this year so shut up, quit whining, and lets see what happens."

    BA "well, that may make a little bit of sense"

    YA THINK???

    BA "and theres one more thing I need to tell you" (munch cuts him off)

    MM "let me guess, you troll on gotitans.come all the time huh"

    You cant be a smashmouth team, with no RB to compliment to prove it. You cant be an elite passing team, without an elite passer. You cant be an aggressive defense, if your defense is getting torched for 30 points per game. Yes, you NEED the players, to develop an identity. The players become the identity.
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  8. Alzarius

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    No, its more like. Hey, want these guys. Then he decides who to get. You dont think Munch wants Levitre right now? And Jennings, and Wallace, and every other top FA out there?

    Its a safe assumption that any coach wants the best he can get out there, right? Or does anyone really thing that Munch doesnt want the best guys he can get?

    He doesnt sign them though so yea, Ruston denys Munch wishes when it comes to the FA. Its his job to. however its not like he does it spitefully or in the way you are insinuating above.

    We are in year 2 of rebuilding, with next year being the major turning point of what we plan to do in the future.
  9. Alex1939

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    Actually what is our identity?

    Right now I'd say the 2 players that give us the most identity are CJ and Griffin.

    one that cares mostly about money and personal achievement and thinks the team sucks.

    the other that is scared to hit somebody and really doesn't care cause he just got paid!

    So right now our identity are players that have more emphasis on the individual instead of team and care more about money than winning championships.

    Am I close?
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  10. SawdustMan

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    We don't have an identity because we don't do ANYTHING particularly well. And the front office, coaching, and players all play into that. How much blame you want to put on each group is completely subjective.

    I personally blame the players the least at this point. Sure I get the argument that you need great players to have an identity. But it's the front office and coaches' responsibility to produce great players. It's rare that a Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson just falls in your lap.
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