Ruston Webster doing a great job so far.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan Head Coach

    One of the best drafts in a long time IMO. 4 guys who are capable of starting with the first 4 picks. We are finally taking the best players available instead of reaching for need like in the past. Still plenty of good d lineman left. Ruston knows what's he's doing. Hell even the media is finally giving us some praise.

    From Rotoworld:

    Titans selected Missouri OLB Zaviar Gooden with the No. 97 overall pick.
    Gooden (6-foot-1 1/2, 234) manned the weak side in Mizzou's 4-3 defense, logging 61 tackles -- four for loss -- and an interception across ten games in 2012, missing the better part of three with a hamstring injury. His senior year was subpar, but Gooden rehabbed his stock with a 4.47 forty, 1.53 ten-yard split, and 27 bench reps at the Combine. Gooden doesn't always play as physically as he should, but is the premier pure run-and-chase linebacker in this class. The Titans now have some serious speed with Gooden and Zach Brown.

    Titans selected Connecticut CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson with the No. 70 overall pick.
    It's the third UConn player to go in the last seven picks. Wreh-Wilson (6-foot 3/4, 195) made 39 starts at UConn, recording eight career interceptions and returning two for touchdowns. He ran 4.53 at the Combine with a 36-inch vertical and 10-foot-8 broad jump. A long, lanky corner with some stiffness, Wreh-Wilson is considered a high-character prospect who is willing in run support. He has the potential to grow into a solid No. 2 cornerback.
    Apr 26 - 9:04 PM

    Titans traded up to select Tennessee WR Justin Hunter with the No. 34 overall pick, sending the No. 40 and 216 overall picks to the 49ers, in addition to a 2014 third-rounder.
    The Titans have traded up for a player NFL Films guru Greg Cosell called the "most physically talented wide receiver" in this year's class. It's another weapon for embattled QB Jake Locker, and helps make up for the loss of Jared Cook. It also signals the end of Nate Washington's time in Tennessee, and puts Kenny Britt on the spot going into the final year of his contract. At the Combine, Hunter (6-foot-4, 196) blazed a 4.44 forty with a 39.5-inch vertical and 11-foot-4 broad jump, the longest of any wideout. His body type and play speed are similar to A.J. Green's, though he dropped a disturbing 12.1 percent of his targets last season Still, Hunter projects to be better a full year removed from the ACL, and offers immense upside as a traditional "X" receiver. grades:

    34. Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee: A- Grade
    I love this move, as Tennessee surrendered a 2014 third-rounder to move here. Justin Hunter should have been taken in the first round. He's unbelievably athletic and has tremendous upside. The Titans had to find some weapons for Jake Locker because if he doesn't succeed, the coaching staff and front office will be fired.

    70. Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut: A Grade
    There was some talk that Blidi Wreh-Wilson could sneak into the end of the first round, so you have to love the value here. The Titans were said to consider Dee Milliner at No. 10, but Wreh-Wilson isn't a bad consolation prize, as he will help fill a huge need at cornerback.

    97. Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Missouri: B Grade
    The Titans had to find some linebacker depth, and they're getting a pretty good talent in Zaviar Gooden. I had Gooden around this range - in fact, I mocked him to Tennessee's early fourth-rounder for weeks - so I like this pick.
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  2. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan Head Coach

    Also for those saying Wreh-Wilson isn't a press corner like we needed.

    From Scouts Inc:

    " long, fluid and rangy defender outside the hashes. Displays very good balance and fluidity for a bigger corner. Can drop his weight, flip hips and transition smoothly making a 180-degree turn. Will be best suited as a press corner at the next level. Shows very good technique in this area. Uses long arms to disrupt receivers' release, maintains balance and can mirror receivers with his length from trail technique. Has the ability to open up and run with most WRs but lacks ideal top-end speed and will need to be protected in certain matchups. Lacks elite acceleration when breaking forward and has average but not good second-gear to recover if caught out of position.”
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    I am curious if Gooden moves Ayres to DE?
  4. nbtoppers2

    nbtoppers2 Starter

    really like the draft so far. we are looking more 3-4ish. could SLH man the nose?. if not then putting Ayers at DE seems like a given considering the Gooden pick. i'd love to pick-up a DE like Q. Smith though. he'd add depth in the later rounds. i can't wait for the season!
  5. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan Head Coach

    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  6. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan Head Coach

    Smith is a good football player. Needs to put in a lot of work in the weight room to get stronger. Still a lot of good players in this draft. Jessie Williams and Barrett Jones from Alabama. The safeties Shamarko Thomas and Bacari Rambo. Lot of good DE's.
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  7. xhrr

    xhrr Starter

    Medical issues are dropping Williams and Jones right now. I didn't even know Williams had injury concerns but supposedly teams are worried about his knees.

    I could definitely see DE and S in play. I wouldn't rule out TE, OL(schwenke/OT), and doubling up at CB. If were looking at S Shamarko might be too short for their liking and Rambo has off the field issues which we usually stray from. I really like Evans from Florida I think he doesn't get enough love.

    DE is getting thin Washington has upside but I think the staff wants now guys not the developmental types.

    After him there is a bunch of scrubs and then small school talent like Smith, Catapano, Bass, Bryant. I'd prefer them over the likes of Malliciah Goodman and Devin Taylor. Simon might be in play but I definitely prefer the small school guys.
  8. titans backbone

    titans backbone Rookie

    Nothing points out at Ayers being a full time DE. He will be used as a DE/OLB all year long probably. The Titans have found him to be better off as a situational guy, which means he will take 20-30 plays off per game at least in order to keep him explosive. Those plays could go to the rookie along with special teams duties.

    Plus we will be using more of a 3-4 system than ever before..Remember the titans want to be flexible and now have options to throw at offenses based on matchups.

    Most of us were against Zach Brown last year and he performed very well, ayers and our usually injured MLB were also picked up by this front office..and they have been very effective grooming all 3 (when they are healthy) SOOO lets AT LEAST give them the benefit of the doubt!
  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I don't think Ayers is moving to DE, but I do think we'll see him there more ofter. We needed LB depth... we had one capable LB in Moses. But still, I would of loved to pickup a DE with that pick.

    Love the first 3 picks, iffy on Gooden. Still need a DE.
  10. Brew City

    Brew City Case Race Champion

    I am loving this draft so far. Really hitting all of our weak points hard without having to reach for them.

    As far as Ayers, he was pretty bad in coverage last year so I think Gooden can step in on the 3rd and longs and give us more coverage ability.
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