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    I love NFL REWIND especially the coaches tape views.

    We tried to run the majority of the day against loaded boxes. We ran against a 9 man box 4 times, against an 8 man box 10 times, against 7 in the box 4 times and 6 in the box 3 times. So 14 of our 21 runs were against loaded boxes. If teams are going to load the box then you just have to be able to pass the ball and keep them honest. Currently we have no real deep threat WR which is making it easier for teams to load the box.

    I wonder how much freedom we give our QB to audible because on one run by Shonn Greene they had 8 in the box and had shifted them more to the left side and instead of checking to a run right where we had a 3 on 3 matchup we ran to the left where we were obviously over matched by 1 man. It was the 3 yd loss run by Greene. In watching from the coaches view, I just can't help but think that Manning/Brady/Brees would have checked out of the play. It was going to obviously fail, but we ran it left anyway.
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    Ummmm who's been saying this the entire time everyone has been blaming CJ. Then Greene comes in and struggles and people finally start to realize! It's not CJ's fault.
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    Really, did you not see what Hunter can do deep? You put the ball out there and he'll make a play to get it. In very limited attempts he's basically made all the plays he could. Other times, the ball was often off target.... Which brings us back to Jake... Also, Nate and Kendell IMO both can also play the deep ball well, we just need a QB who can put it in a spot for them to make a play...

    I'm growing a bit tired of people blaming Dowell. When you watch passing patterns, most of the time there is someone going deep (they are not always all curls and come-back routes, there's almost always someone running deep). The problem is that Jake really prefers the checkdown. I put that on Jake more so than the OC.

    As for audibles, he's not a rookie anymore. If he sees a stacked box, he should definitely change the play. I really doubt the coaches are telling him he can't do that. I've seen him audible before, so also that goes on Jake.
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    Bilbo Lowgains is an idiot, but thanks for the evidence that makes my point.

    Running against loaded boxes is how you get the nickname "Lowgains" after all. :anon:

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    You can run with success if you just pick the correct side to run to. 7 and 9 are odd numbers, one side is loaded and the other isnt. Motioning our TE's could take care of that, and boom, 4 yard gains every time. At least thats how it goes in Madden.
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    I agree that Hunter has the potential to be a guy that defensive co-ordinators have to worry about going deep, but at this point Hunter is not getting coverage shifted towards him. The main priority is to stop CJ and the run. I really like Washington and Wright, but they are not deep threats. Teams don't really worry about them running past their CBs.

    Now maybe the QB issues of inaccuracy have played a part in the play calling and lack of shots deep down the field. But whatever the cause the facts are that we were running into loaded boxes all day long.

    I would love to see Hunter get more reps because if he only sees the field when we are going to throw deep to him then it certainly gives away the play. I would like to see Hunter and Wright as our top 2 WRs and let washington be the guy who comes in for 3 WR sets. We need Hunter to get all the experience he can get this year.
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    How do you take a screen shot of the NFL rewind? i know someone posted images from their before.
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    press on the start menu and type in 'snip' you should see 'snipping tool' there, no install needed comes with windows. (not sure about apple)

    probably select 'rectangular snip' and just drap the curser over what you want and boom, save the picture (jpeg is pretty good), and upload it to some hosting website, get the link and insert it....
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    Give it up already, good lord.