Rotoworld's Evan Silva ranks the Titans as the NFL's worst roster

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TorontoTitanFan, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Breaking news

    Evan Silva ranked worst NFL analyst.
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    Even for the Titans this roster does not look so great going in to the season. This is one of the worst I have seen from an inside perspective. We need an upgrade at a lot of positions especially Corner and Quarterback. I really hope this season is not a cluster f*** but who knows!
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    My thoughts are

    -If Jake Locker was at a craps table with his health on the line I would playing the "don't pass."

    -whether were better or worse this year I'm just happy we don't have that bumbling fool Munchak on the sidelines.

    -I don't think much has been made or most posters seem to gloss over we lost our best corner( I know I know now that Verner is gone you're going to try and tell me J Mac is the better one and you're going to make a mental block out of the times he got burnt) the Titans blew it on low balling him or potentially no balling (bad word) him on a contract. Especially if they decide to go with Justin Gilbert round one and just replace the guy who left. Just think it was a glaring hole that should have been taking care of.

    - and taking a guard in the top ten probably didnt help our roster strength much.
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    If Locker goes down and Titans don't select a QB they probably will have the worst roster in league - especially if Jags go stud Sammie Watkins - it would be a push
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    If we hadn't drafted Blidi last year I'd be freaking out about losing Vern. I'll hold out hope until he sh*ts the bed. If he does I'm gonna freak though. Maybe it's because of all the draft stuff I've been watching but I'm really warming up to Pierre Desir from Lindenwood. He's got all the measurables (6'1, 210, 4.48) had a great game at the senior bowl and his only real knock is his small school status. His performance at the senior bowl should put people at ease about his small school pedigree.

    The guy is also a father of two little girls and lives with them and his wife/mother of his kids. Dude had to juggle being a student athlete and working a full time job to support his family. This guy is a full grown man who has a lot at stake and knows what it is to work your ass off.He'll do whatever he has to in order to avoid failure. I would love him in the second/third if we pick one up.
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    Somebody forgot two words, Jacksonville Jaguars.
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    If Bortles pans out and Jake sucks we're definitely the worst now.
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    Very good point, we maybe should have you know, drafted him to start off, but that franchise is pretty much cursed like the browns are, so i doubt we got much to worry about.
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    starting? whats the big deal with that - we're going to be doing a running back by committee approach with whisenhunt.

    who cares who "starts" at that position.
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    Little phaggot blocked me because he said said we had an inferiority complex, and I responded with "the only thing inferior is your scouting ability."

    But Mr Silva says we are the worst team in the division and we are the clear for the number 1 overall pick.
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