Roster Moves Continue For Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    or they're confident that they're going to sign robaire
  2. Tennessee

    Tennessee Guest

    They will be adding another DT to replace Clauss... at least IMO.

    Upgrading dead weight is what they have done with both Clauss and Schobel < DeQuincy Scott and Josh Savage is 6'4" 280 ... almost a tweener, hopefully he will upgrade the run D.
  3. Nash

    Nash Starter

    perhaps Guenther is too tall to be an H/fullback .. and we have our TE's in place with Troupe and Guenther can't play ST..
  4. Tennessee

    Tennessee Guest

    yeah Guenther needs to be featured as a pass catching TightEnd ... but the postion is too crowded right now... worst case the Texans pick him up - knock on wood...
  5. TitanFanBudMan

    TitanFanBudMan Professor

    random thoughts.....we all seem to like to Guenther but agree that the position is crowed...yet they bring in another TE Cramer?

    We make several roster spots, but we don't bring in any OL. We appear to be struggling with our OL, and there was not one player cut that could have been brought in to help our unit????

    We needed DTs, but we brought in DEs. Is Odom hurt worst than we thought? Odom and Savage are fairly they come in at DT? Is Mahelona further along than what I have seen?

    I guess my point is that the guys that we brought raise more questions then provide answers.

    We picked 3 LBs in the draft, cut 2, and take a guy that New Orleans cut, and New Orleans has been desperate for LBs (see Stallworth trade). If the Saints cut this guy, and they need help at LB......I can't imagine that he is going to be much help other than possibly he might be a good special teams guy.

    I did like the Eric King for Rich Gardner change. I don't know much about him but he did play in 16 games last year for the Bills, and he has got to be an upgrade for Gardner.
  6. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more

    how did you make that thing so big. i cant tell if its annoying or funny?
  7. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter


    Well I assume they like Cramer more than Guenther, that's the only reason for that move really. Unless Cramer has shown some form of ST skills.

    LB's acquired at this point are for ST purposes and projects (like Nande).

    We need a good DE as much as we need depth at DT, and if we're hoping to sign Robaire, it makes a lot of sense.

    I believe we snagged one offensive tackle and a guard, but you're right we should look hard at all of them.
  8. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

  9. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    Maybe Guenthur is still injured? That could play a part in it. They may also like the hybrid type like Cramer if he can play TE, FB, and H-back. I did like what I saw from Guenther, so I really hope they got this right.

    I think we have some o-line already on the roster than should start. I don't know how good anyone out there is, but a good RT may be worth it. Looks like we missed the only two big names there because we aren't high enough in the order.

    Dropping Clauss is suprising since they had no one to replace him with. They got one bigger DE, Savage, but don't know if they'd plan on using him at DT. X your fingers for Robeast :koolaid:

    I read somewhere that the New Orleans LB was a good St's guy, so that makes since. Probably an instant upgrade over Toone.

    Danny Clark would have been nice, but I'm guessing someone's already signed him.
  10. Tennessee

    Tennessee Guest

    Does anybody have the status of Danny Clark or Keith Adams? Also, what about Monty Beisel and Sam Cowart? Montavious Stanley and Robaire Smith obviously? Dexter Reid or safety help?
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