Rosenfels preparing for a second chance vs. Colts

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Sage Rosenfels doesn't have a lot of time to ponder his four-interception performance Sunday in a bad loss to Baltimore because he's got to get ready for a trip to Indianapolis.

    And the media piece of his work week is going to include a lot of rehash.

    After all, Rosenfels' gaffes on Oct. 5 set the table for the Colts to come back from a 17-point fourth-quarter deficit for a 31-27 win at Reliant Stadium.

    Playing in place of an ill Matt Schaub, an overzealous Rosenfels took on defenders, got helicoptered and fumbled as he tried to earn a first down, then handed the ball away again and threw an interception -- all in the final five minutes.

    Now, playing because of a knee injury to Schaub, he'll be facing a Colts defense that has safety Bob Sanders back.

    Here is what Rosenfels told Houston reporters when the Colts came up today:

    (on how meaningful is it to him that he gets another chance against the Colts)

    "I think that we all have confidence that we know that we can play right with this team. It's not like the last time we played, they blew us out. So, we know that they're going to be ready. They're not going to take us lightly like they may have two or three years ago. They know that we can play right with them and we've got to bring our A game if we're going to have a chance to beat them."

    (on if it took him longer to get over what happened against Indianapolis than normal)

    "It took a little longer just because I wasn't playing the next week. If I was starting the next week, I think I would have done my best to put it out of my mind within the 24-hour rule. But, I'm sure it lasted a few days longer last week. But, I'm playing this week so the Baltimore Ravens are no longer on my mind. It's on the Indianapolis Colts."

    (on if the last Colts game was harder because of the replays of the mistakes were shown so much)

    "I wasn't watching much TV those few days. So, I made a rule for myself not to watch any of it. It wasn't going to help me with my future preparation for our next game. So, I'm over it and I think the teams over it. I just think the team wants to win. We're just going to try to get a win this week. It doesn't matter who we're playing, but we happen to be playing, historically, the best team in our division."

Thread Status:
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