Rookies who have Thrived & Fallen Short

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    No idea why Damian isn't getting more playing time. He looked awesome in the preseason (caught everything) and he made a couple of nice catches against the Jets.

    Britt is just a joke. Move him to 5th on the depth chart. He doesn't even belong on a roster right now... #5 WR should be a blessing to him because I could've been playing in his spot, and I would not have done any worse (because it is impossible to play worse than he has).
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    Yeah b/c the very first play of the game is one that matters the most! Good call!

    Also I'm not quite sure integrity is the word you are looking for in this instance.
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    Robert Woods is having success!

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    Kenny Britt should be fine you guys, he's finally figured out why he's sucked. It was an easy fix, really looking forward to seeing him take back his job because when he's on he's on fire.

    Just attack the football Kenny, stop waiting for it to come to you. When you wait for the ball, it bounces off you, but when you go out there and snatch it up, you end up catching it, simple fix really.
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    Correct... Because their WRs suck. He's all they have outside of Stevie Johnson. We have much more depth at the WR position, so Hunter isn't getting 10% the playing time that Woods is.

    Just wait until next year when Britt is gone. Hunter will likely be our #3.
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    i tried to tell TWW2 that but he's so dense its a waste of time
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    TWW2 just has a soft spot for underachieving divas
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    Every time you're thrown the ball it is important you CATCH it! He's out of sync, not attacking the ball, not trying to catch it with his fingers and doesn't look like he has a passion for this anymore.

    In contrast, Nate Washington isn't perfect but is having his best season. He's playing like a man on a mission! He's blocking much better and doing a better job running his routes and catching the ball. He's also talked about being re-energized in watching game film and focusing more on the little things. Britt doesn't appear to be taking this approach on or off the field.

    It's a shame because he has awesome talent, but I think he needs a change of scenery to have a chance at rebounding his career. It'd be great if he could catch on fire, but right now he's been doing more harm to us then good. And we can't afford that in this offense. We need to make every catch, every block, throw accurate passes, not turn the ball over and not cause penalties which shoot us in the foot. And not much point calling plays (and I mean BIG plays) for a guy that isn't going to catch it even when the ball HITS HIM!!!

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    yup I was campaigning all offseason for him I saw the beast destroy
    Arizona for like 300 yards or something but I do believe hed be stuck at the bottom of the de pth chart here like hunter is and I think hunter will be bigtime after a pro offseason hell put on a few pounds of muscle hopefully dude looks like a giant underdeveloped 16 year old lol
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    Although he has been hurt a few times, Britt is rarely sick. He can't catch a cold.