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    Bored at work and tired of all the negative Titans talk ... So I bring you this thread!!!!

    Well, as we know several teams started rookie QBs this week, several even benching players that had years of NFL experience to do so. So how did they fare in their 1st week in the NFL?
    RG3 - 73% completion, 320 yards, 2 TDs, 0 ints, 139 QB rating, W
    From what I saw RGIII looked very good in his 1st NFL start. You can also add some rushing yards to his totals. You have to wonder how much had to do with the Saints missing Greg Williams, Sean Patyon, and some players, but either way it is an impressive start.
    Luck - 51% completion, 309 yards, 1 TDs, 3 ints, 52 QB rating, L
    I didn't really get to see any of this game. I think his TDs came kinda late when the game was out of reach, but I could be wrong. Overall it looked like he struggled a bit (not surprising for a rookie to struggle in his 1st start, especially against the Bears D), but living in Indy, everyone around me was raving about his preseason, and how it was gonna carry over into the reg. season. He threw for a lot of yards (although he did have 45 attempts). I am sure he will get better, but he sure helped make my work week better (esp since the Titans lost)
    Russell Wilson - 52% completion, 153 yards, 1 TD, 1 int, 62.5 QB rating, L
    Not a great game here either. Granted it was his 1st NFL start, but you have to wonder why Pete Carol benched Matt Flynn for this guy after a little preseason success. To me that puts even more pressure on Wilson than Luck/RG3. I for one was VERY surprised when he was named the starter, and with a loss to a team that may have had the worst preseason QB situation in the league, I wonder if Carol is reconsidering.
    Ryan Tannehill - 55% completion, 219 yards, 0 TDs, 3 ints, 39 QB rating, L
    Its tough to have to have your 1st NFL start against the Texans D (just ask Rusty Smith). Not a very impressive showing, but it could've been worse (see Weedon, Brandon). I didn't see much of this game other than some highlights, so I don't really have much incite here.
    Brandon Weedon - 34% completion, 118 yards, 0 TD, 4 ints, 5.1 QB rating, L
    And this is why the Browns continue to suck. Sure Colt McCoy might not have been the answer at QB, but neither was spending a 1st round pick on this guy. The Browns actually had a chance against the Eagles and you have to wonder if they pull of the upset with Colt in there. This guy has a LONG way to go if he ever plans on being a starting QB (and he is already really old). He doesn't have a lot to work with in Cle, but still .... that performance was just bad. I feel for the Browns fans.
    Overall the rookies seemed to struggle (expect for RG3). ESPN has been making such a big deal about how rookie QBs come into the league more prepared than ever, but week one may suggest that it is still best to sit a year. Although the season is just underway, and there is still a lot of time left to improve. It will be interesting to see how these rookies respond to their week one performances
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    RG3 killed it. Everyone laughed when I took him in the 5th round of my fantasy draft... who's laughing now! I love RG3, as the 'Skins are my favorite NFC Team (my familys team)

    Luck did very average, as I expected. He's not the second coming of Manning, he's the second coming of Matt Ryan. Give him time, he'll still be a good QB, just not elite.

    Russell Wilson I though did solid, especially for being a 3rd round QB. Still shocked they're starting him over Flynn.

    Tannehill is the checkdown king. Read a stat somewhere he only had one completetion over 15 yards. That's funny. Can't blame him, when his entire team sucks and there best WR is Hartline.

    Weeden. Silly Browns, should of used that 1st elsewhere and just sucked for Barkley. What a waste. 58 year old rookie who is terrible is not worth a first.
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