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    I was looking at the number of first round picks left unsigned and was wondering why is that the case.

    Each year, it seems as though more and more first round picks are signing late. We already know the main reason for putting rookies on a slotted scale was to help teams avoid costly mistakes with the top 10 players selected. However, the by-product of that change was that players virtually have no reason to sign late.

    So my question to you all is why are there so many unsigned players right now if the majority of the terms have already been defined based upon draft position?
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    It has been like this for years. Nothing new. Not getting worse.
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    Yea this is just how it goes, I pay close attention to this kind of stuff, and every year there's about 6 or so unsigned 1st rounders.

    If this goes on past Friday Ill really have to wonder WTF is Chance doing, Matt Elam negotiated his own deal, why can't Chance?
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    Yeah, I feel like it's getting worse though. The first year after the CBA almost all the picks was signed on time. Every year more and more players are signing late.

    I'm more so questioning what is the hold and what impacts this when the majority of the agreement that will ultimately be signed has been slotted and pre-neogotiated.